Emma | 1 Year Old

As seems to be the theme as of late, it was pretty darn warm for Emma’s first birthday session with her family back in June. We even contemplated taking an AC break in the car, but ended up pushing through and still got a few smiles. Emma has the best big sister in Ava and is such a good little model. Always a great time with this family and so crazy we’ve finished our bundle that started with maternity photos well over a year ago!

Vivian | Newborn

Sweet little Vivian who they are calling Evie is so beyond precious with her awesome little callick (cowlick? calic? who knows). Love it! She didn’t want to sleep once she arrived, but after her momma fed her she fell asleep and did so awesome! She woke a few times and took a little convincing to fall back asleep, but she let us get a bunch of poses done. Big bro wasn’t interested in photos at all, but he was super sweet with giving her kisses when we asked. I even printed one of these for my studio because I love how they turned out. (Go follow me on instagram and watch my instastory to see which one! @ginadreherphoto) Congrats to this family of four!

the Wall Family | 50th Anniversary

I had the privilege of meeting the Walls out at their family farm last month to do photos of their whole family together. It was a warm evening, but we had such a great time going around to all the different spots they’d chosen out. I even got to meet the new kittens that the little girls were especially fond of. These photos were in honor of Bob + Joyce’s 50th anniversary, and I think it’s such a great idea to get the whole family together for photos for an occasion such as this. We even made an album for them so they will be able to look back on these for years to come.

Ezekiel | Newborn

Talk about the sweetest baby in the world! Little Zeke was so amazing for his session. He most possibly made it the easiest newborn session I’ve ever done! He never woke up, never made a peep…he was happy with whatever pose I put him in and was just relaxed and passed out the whole time. What a little dreamboat. His family is the nicest one you’ll ever meet, and it’s so crazy that they have two kiddos now. I’ve been blessed to photograph them from maternity with their first all the way through now and I’m excited to get to watch Zeke grown this year!

the Satterfields | Big Family

I have photographed a portion of this family before, but it was fun to get together with them all.  We had a gorgeous May evening with beautiful light and lots of fun personalities. 🙂 So great to capture these memories for this family…I always love getting to meet these extended families and seeing how the kids’ goofiness shows itself as the night goes on. So great to see/meet you all!

Grady | Six Months Old

Little Grady is six months old! He was such a good newborn for me, and I was excited to see how he’d grown. He did really well for his toasty late-May session, and his brother and sister are just hilarious. The funniest part though was when I laid Grady on a blanket on his tummy, two different times instead of looking at me and his momma, he just laid his head down as if he was too tired to be bothered with photos. Silly little guy.

Peyton + Coleman | Twin Newborns

Baaaaaahhhhhhhh! Every time I look at these photos I melt. I mean, can you imagine? Highlight of my life was wrapping these babies up together in one wrapping and then HOLDING THEM BOTH AT ONCE. So amazing. Their session was wonderful and it was funny because Peyton is supposed to be the calm one…and Coleman the high maintenance one…but Cole actually slept almost through the whole thing. Peyton wanted to be awake and had a little more trouble calming down and sleeping. They were so precious together, were totally into cuddling and having their arms around each other. I die. So awesome. Here are some of my faves!

Zander | One Year Old

Baby Zander is already a year old! I always have so much fun with this family, and we are always laughing. Zander did so well and was so happy for the first part of his session. So many smiles and lots of clapping! But then it started getting close to bedtime, and we shortly found out that cake isn’t his thing! At least not yet, anyway. We tried a cake smash at the end, and he just cried and wanted his momma, his bottle, and his pacifier. Sweet thing. Check out the last few photos for evidence of that! 🙂

Ty + Kaitlin | Engaged

This session was back in May, but these two are actually getting married THIS weekend, in Colorado. So excited for them, and can’t wait to see photos of what is sure to be a gorgeous day. We had lots of fun on this May evening…everything was so green and lush at our location, and since Ty is the big brother of one of my close friends, it was fun getting to know him a little better. Congrats to Ty and Kaitlin, I hope your wedding day is amazing!

Brandt | One Year Old

I met Brandt as a 10 pound newborn with the chubbiest cheeks ever. He still has the cheeks, and he is already a year old! We had much better luck with an outdoor session this go-around than we did last time when we tried to do outside 6-month photos in November. These two little brothers are super cute together and had us laughing. This family is such a joy and it was fun to experience Brandt’s first year with them!