Wilmer | Newborn

Oh, sweet Wilmer Dean. He was born just before Christmas, and we heard that mom and dad had sung him Christmas carols as loud as they could on the way to our session in order to keep him awake. But he still wanted to stay awake to see what was going on when he got to the studio. Mom fed him and then we ended up wrapping him and he fell asleep for awhile. We were able to get in all of our prop poses. We decided to do the beanbag last and he was NOT a fan of being on his tummy. I finally won the battle and got ONE beanbag pose out of him and then we decided to call it a day. Sweetest little squish ever! Such a cutie!

Evie | One Year Old

Isn’t this the cutest family!? Even though I mentioned this in her 6 month post, I just can’t get over Evie’s transformation from tiny 5-pound newborn to this awesome little chunk. Her cheeks are my favorite thing. Evie didn’t have any smiles for me during her session, but you gotta check out the studio portion of our session to see some of the faces she gave me. It has been such a fun year, and we are extra thankful for Evie’s health after a recent scare she gave her momma and daddy. Evie is one special little sweetie!

Shayleigh | Newborn

Shayleigh was such a dream baby! She was almost 2 weeks old because her momma had some complications after birth and had to go back to the hospital. Shayleigh ate when she got here for her session, then I rocked her a bit and she was out for the entire time…totally didn’t care what we did to her! Mom and Dad were super calm too and it was just a wonderful, laid-back session. I especially loved the cow props that they brought, it was so special and ADORABLE to see her in the little cow hat. And then scroll all the way to the bottom to see where we put her in her dad’s cowboy hat!

Tamra + Jacob | Headshots

Husband and wife team Jacob and Tamra have started the coolest business – flipping homes! Click here to check them out. It was great meeting them and taking headshots for their marketing. Small world too…many of you may know that my husband is a videographer, and does a lot of real estate photos and video (click here to check him out). He shot an amazing property that we were drooling over, then he told me who was selling it, and it was them! So fun that we both got to work with them!

Lyla | Six Months Old

Do you see this cute little nugget! Gah, she’s just the best! I was absolutely obsessed with her newborn photos that we did, and then she was so incredibly smiley at her six month session back in December so I’m just a melty pool of goo over this little lady. It was even a nice enough day that we were able to sneak outside for some family photos here at the homestead before getting to the studio ones of Lyla alone. I’m sure her first birthday session will be so much fun too!

Baker + Bomen | Newborns

Sweet little babies! Baker and Bo did really well for their newborn photos, but we pretty much kept them wrapped up the whole time. Bo was really calm and easygoing, and Baker kept waking up and needing a little more attention…which mom said was opposite of normal! Big brother and sister did really well with their babies and were very attentive even though they are so young themselves…it was super sweet! Even though twins can be a lot harder to photograph and require some extra patience, they are seriously my favorite!

Evelyn | Newborn

Evelyn’s momma said all she did at home was sleep and that they were so spoiled and rested. But guess what? Evelyn did NOT want to miss a thing during our session! Ha! She woke up right at the beginning so mom fed her and she zonked out. Then when I began posing her, she woke right up and wanted to be awake from then on out. We got a few naked baby shots, then wrapped her up and once mom fed her, we did minimal messing with her and she finished out her session sleeping like a champ. She kept sticking her tongue out and at one point I said “Put that tongue away” and she went ahead and immediately stuck it out ALL the way at me. We died laughing. Little miss attitude, but in the cutest way!

the Flamings | Family

One of my favorites!! These people are just the BEST. Kind, generous, funny, and just plain fun to be around. Everyone please to look how amazing Danielle’s hat is! If only I could pull that off like she did! It kinda stole the show…don’t tell the others haha. We had a gorgeous sunset that evening, and the funniest part of the night was the kids reaction when I told Britt to kiss Cole. As you can imagine, they were totally grossed out but she still did it! Love! 🙂

the Londons | Family

I had done a Baby Bundle with this sweet family for little sister’s first year, and then Amanda booked a homestead session with me for fall family photos…I think this session is my favorite of all that we’ve done together! The light was to die for, big sister had her awesome personality out in full force. Little sister wasn’t too excited about being put down so she didn’t get many photos alone, but I still absolutely LOVE how these turned out! Enjoy!