the Klassens | Family at the Fair

I’m pretty sure this breaks the record for the longest family blog post of all time. This session was so dreamy! I have photographed the Klassen family for over 9 years now, and each time, Natalie comes up with a fun idea or brings super cute props. This year, we happened to have their session scheduled during the week the Kansas State Fair was going on, and she had the best idea – family photos at the fair! I’ve had a fair session on my bucket list for awhile, but working out logistics was always tricky. We made it happen and to be honest, I was pretty nervous! There were lots of things to factor in…not the least of which was the crowds. I’m so glad we did these and I love how they turned out. I know they do too. Can’t you just imagine a 5 foot wide canvas of this first photo (do you see the moon in it?!) adorning their living room wall? Ha! Enjoy one of my favorite sessions ever – the Klassens at the fair!

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