the Wrays | Family

I’ve taken the Wray’s family photos several times before (and even shot their wedding!) but this time was extra special. They had recently adopted their sweet baby girl and I was so honored to take their family photos for the first time as a family of six! Baby girl was still warming up and mostly just wanted her momma. I’m sure there will be lots more smiles next time, but she (and the rest of the kiddos) did amazingly and we captured that awesome fall color too! Some of my favorite photos from the whole fall!

the Dawsons | Family

This session was for baby Evan’s 3-month photos, and we have since had his 6-month session…which just goes to show you how behind in blogging I am! This session was back in October with the gorgeous fall leaves…sometimes I forget how beautiful Kansas can be when I’m stuck in the dead of winter. We spent most of our session wrangling big bro and trying to convince him that it was a good idea to take photos (not an easy task with a busy 2-year-old)! See photo below of Dad holding him upside down after catching the little runaway. Ha! Love how these turned out!

Ren is FIVE!!!!

While I am in complete denial that my baby child is a whopping FIVE years old today, I am so completely enamored by the amazing tiny human that he is becoming. He is smart, ridiculous beyond his years, kind, loving, sweet, creative, and beautiful.

Ren has this extremely annoying habit of EITHER looking at the camera and not smiling OR smiling and not looking at the camera. But never both smiling AND looking at the camera. Thank goodness for big bro Sutton…he stood behind me and acted like my booty was stinky the whole time to get Ren to laugh. (Insert eye roll.) Boys.

I love this kiddo more than I could ever say but I’ll spare you the mush because I plan to let it all out on my personal blog later on. Happy birthday baby boy! You’re FIVE!!

Essie | Newborn

We started Essie’s session with naked-baby-on-tummy poses, and later came to find out that she MUCH preferred being tightly swaddled and on her back. Who wouldn’t though, really? Ha! Essie is a strong little thing and wanted her arms and fingers tucked in tightly…we were battling her fingers the entire time. Overall though, she did amazingly and we were able to get through all her poses pretty quickly. She was very responsive to her mom and dad’s voices which was super sweet! Had a little trouble getting her to stop scowling, which can happen with the studio light. It was so great getting to know this family through their maternity + newborn sessions!

the Martins | Grady is One!

Grady turned ONE this fall and we did some family photos to celebrate. I’m just obsessed with the fall color in these! So vivid and gorgeous. It’s crazy to think I’ve already gotten to photograph this family again since then, with their extended family on a super cold day that I will blog about at some point! Ha. So behind! Anyway, check out this cutie, and don’t miss the very last collage…one of my favorite collages I’ve put together!

the Hoovers | Family

Okay, before you look through this post, click here to go revisit Zeke’s newborn session. In October, it was time for his 6 month session! Zeke was super sleepy during his session and didn’t give us a ton of smiley faces, but he also wasn’t mad either. Just super super chill and laid back! What a guy. He has already been through some surgeries in his little life, so it’s definitely a helpful personality trait for him to be easygoing. Always love getting to hang out with this family, they’re the nicest and most grateful people you’ll ever meet!

the Lindseys | Family

And here they are again, my longest-time clients! This is my sister- and brother-in-law, plus my nieces and nephew, plus my dog-niece and dog-nephew. Some of you might also recognize Jessica as my amazing newborn assistant! She makes our world go ’round. Our session day took place on the same day as the last session I blogged, so it was also kind of a drizzly, dark day. But I love how vibrant that dark lighting made the fall color. Through the mud and rain, everyone was a trooper, and we got some super fun photos that ranked as some of my favorites of the fall! Scroll to the bottom for a collage of family photos of them from the past 13 years!

And I had to update our collage that has a photo from every single year we’ve done their family pictures!

Jiana | 6 Months Old

Man, I counted it up yesterday, and I am still FIFTY sessions behind in blogging! My husband said “Why do you feel like you have to blog every session?” And I suppose it’s a valid question. I just think it’s a waste to only show one photo (the sneak peek) from each session…if I was the viewer, I would totally want to see more! Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, this blog is sort of my journal for (almost) every session I photograph…it’s so fun being able to look back!

All that said, here is Jiana at 6 months old! I photographed her newborn session, and then we had a family session a few months later. It was fun to see her at 6 months back in October, and she is SUCH a good baby. It was a little chilly and sort of drizzling, and look at all the happiness and smiles we got.¬†She had lots to smile at though, with Grandma, Grandpa, Momma, and big brother James all there to make her happy. And James did so great for his photos! He’s definitely becoming my little buddy!

the Gutschenritters | Family

One of my favorite little families!! This was my third or fourth time photographing this family, and they are always so much fun. Mom tried very hard to be proactive in not having all fake smiles from the kids, so they came up with a bunch of scenarios from the movie Home Alone, and she broke them out whenever we really needed to get the kids laughing. It worked like a charm! Such a great idea. I love how these turned out.

the Goodrich Family

Man, I had aspirations of blogging every day of the new year, and that definitely isn’t happening. We had a baby boom over here this month and so there have been a million (or 8) newborns and I’ve loved every second. But it’s kept us busy!

We did a Homestead Session for this family, to document their two littles turning 1 and 3! I did newborn photos for baby bro, and it was so fun to see him again for his first birthday. They are such a sweet family and it’s just darling to watch the little sibling bond these two are developing. Enjoy this warm and sun-filled photos on this cold last day of January!