the Claassens | Family

Wow, it’s been awhile since I blogged. Tis the busy season! This session took place back in September on a beautiful early fall evening. I just love this family! It was our second session together, and they added a little member in a few of the photos who I’ve had to cover the face for but who is just darling! This family is always so much fun to hang out with…and with so many faces to keep track of I always get a few surprises while editing…take this first photo for example, and the sweet little pout on the right. Ha! Love it. Here are a few of my favorites of the Claassen family!

the Bannings | Family

These sweet people became my and my husband’s concert buddies and we have loved hanging out with them and their girls over the last few months. Do you see this light?! It was cloudy and overcast during most of our session, and then at the very end, the sun peeked out and all was right in the world. This was definitely my kind of session, because when we were done shooting, we finished the night off with a dinner together at Jose Pepper’s (does anyone LOVE their grilled mahi tacos as much as I do?!) and great conversation. Thanks for having me take these for you Bannings!!

Lincoln | Six Months Old

I mentioned this on my Instagram (@ginadreherphoto), but have to also write it here! This family…I met them for the first time at Lincoln’s newborn session, and then we did 3-month photos, and we just finished our Bundle last month with his 6-month session. At the 3-month session, they told me it was a possibility they’d be moving out of state, and when they showed up for this session, I learned that I was their very last stop in Kansas before they hit the road to their new home! We had so much fun with Lincoln, and even snuck in some naked baby poses. Don’t miss the last photo in this post…so classic and CUTE! Thanks to Kelsey and Kevin for trusting me to capture your first baby’s first 6 months!

the Peckhams | Family

I just love the color and late evening sun from this session. Also, Taylor’s dress is making me miss summer a little bit. But only a little…the weather these last two days has been AMAZING! I’m just cold at the moment, so warmth sounds nice. Ha! I found out during this session, that this lovely family I’ve been photographing for years is MOVING and it made me so sad. They have family who lives here though, so they promised to come back and see me. They’d better!! Those crazy kids always make things interesting and they’re getting impossibly big these days!

the Burtons | Family

The last time I saw this family was at a wedding several years ago when momma was pregnant with their oldest. My, how time flies! It was so fun to meet the girls and to take their photos out here at the homestead. Big sis was definitely more excited about the whole picture thing than little sis, but we still definitely got some cute grins out of them both. Here are my favorites from their session!

the Davis Family | Belly

Jayme is the most gorgeous expectant momma! This was the first session of September that really gave me the fall vibes out here at the homestead, and I was loving it! Big bro wasn’t too excited about having photos taken, but I think we won him over. The good thing about maternity photos is that if big siblings need a break, you can always focus on just momma for a bit! Thanks for having me take these Jayme…your baby girl is going to be gorgeous!

the Klassens | Family at the Fair

I’m pretty sure this breaks the record for the longest family blog post of all time. This session was so dreamy! I have photographed the Klassen family for over 9 years now, and each time, Natalie comes up with a fun idea or brings super cute props. This year, we happened to have their session scheduled during the week the Kansas State Fair was going on, and she had the best idea – family photos at the fair! I’ve had a fair session on my bucket list for awhile, but working out logistics was always tricky. We made it happen and to be honest, I was pretty nervous! There were lots of things to factor in…not the least of which was the crowds. I’m so glad we did these and I love how they turned out. I know they do too. Can’t you just imagine a 5 foot wide canvas of this first photo (do you see the moon in it?!) adorning their living room wall? Ha! Enjoy one of my favorite sessions ever – the Klassens at the fair!

the Kleibers | Family

It has been so much fun watching this family grow! I’ve been taking their photos since their middle son was a baby and now everyone is gigantic and it’s just ridiculous. They’re so well-behaved, and I get a feeling that little sister is a tiny bit spoiled, but you can’t blame her! Two big bros and some awesome parents to dote all over her. Always great to see you, Kleibers!!

Liam is One!

Little Liam is already 1! We kept the baseball theme going throughout his whole first year, and so after we did some photos in his cute little suspenders + bow tie, we went to a baseball diamond for a fun birthday setup his momma had put together. I loved all of her props! Liam wasn’t so much into the cake, as he was into spreading his frosting-covered hands in the dirt. Pretty sure he got a mouth full of dirt at one point or another. But we got some cute photos of it! Enjoy my favorites.

the Kellers | Family

The last time I photographed the Keller family, they had a big announcement: little Wesley was on his way! Now that baby boy is almost 6 months old and such a cutie! It was so fun to meet him and to see the rest of the family – the girls have grown so much and biggest sister Heidi finally came out of her shell with me and did so well with lots of smiles! Here are my favorites from their early September session.