the Gutschenritters | Family

One of my favorite little families!! This was my third or fourth time photographing this family, and they are always so much fun. Mom tried very hard to be proactive in not having all fake smiles from the kids, so they came up with a bunch of scenarios from the movie Home Alone, and she broke them out whenever we really needed to get the kids laughing. It worked like a charm! Such a great idea. I love how these turned out.

the Goodrich Family

Man, I had aspirations of blogging every day of the new year, and that definitely isn’t happening. We had a baby boom over here this month and so there have been a million (or 8) newborns and I’ve loved every second. But it’s kept us busy!

We did a Homestead Session for this family, to document their two littles turning 1 and 3! I did newborn photos for baby bro, and it was so fun to see him again for his first birthday. They are such a sweet family and it’s just darling to watch the little sibling bond these two are developing. Enjoy this warm and sun-filled photos on this cold last day of January!

the Courtneys | Family

Wow, I forgot just how beautiful our homestead is during it’s prime! These winter months are so long! Can’t wait for spring, summer, and fall. Anyway, I got to have the Courtney family out here for photos during the fall and we had a beautiful evening. They only live a neighborhood away, so it’s definitely handy for them to come for photos! Little sis wasn’t loving our session, but I snuck a few smiles out of her anyway. Always fun to spend time with them!

Fall Minis 2018

I had my annual Fall Minis back in October at the homestead and it was so great to see all of the 21 families who came out! There were lots of familiar faces and quite a few new ones as well! The weather held out better than last year and we had some beautiful days. Thanks to everyone who came out…before we know it, it’ll be time for this year’s Fall Minis!!

Ava | Six Months Old

Sweet little Ava made us work for our money at her six month session in September! The first time we tried for photos, both Ava and her big sister Arbor were not feeling it.¬†We realized they might do better with a morning session, so they came out to the homestead the following week and we were all in a much better mood! We got some photos outside in the woods, including this first one that I think looks like it’s out of a fairytale! Then we headed into the studio to finish up…hard to believe we have her one year session next month! Time flies!

Lincoln | Six Months Old

I mentioned this on my Instagram (@ginadreherphoto), but have to also write it here! This family…I met them for the first time at Lincoln’s newborn session, and then we did 3-month photos, and we just finished our Bundle last month with his 6-month session. At the 3-month session, they told me it was a possibility they’d be moving out of state, and when they showed up for this session, I learned that I was their very last stop in Kansas before they hit the road to their new home! We had so much fun with Lincoln, and even snuck in some naked baby poses. Don’t miss the last photo in this post…so classic and CUTE! Thanks to Kelsey and Kevin for trusting me to capture your first baby’s first 6 months!

the Peckhams | Family

I just love the color and late evening sun from this session. Also, Taylor’s dress is making me miss summer a little bit. But only a little…the weather these last two days has been AMAZING! I’m just cold at the moment, so warmth sounds nice. Ha! I found out during this session, that this lovely family I’ve been photographing for years is MOVING and it made me so sad. They have family who lives here though, so they promised to come back and see me. They’d better!! Those crazy kids always make things interesting and they’re getting impossibly big these days!

the Burtons | Family

The last time I saw this family was at a wedding several years ago when momma was pregnant with their oldest. My, how time flies! It was so fun to meet the girls and to take their photos out here at the homestead. Big sis was definitely more excited about the whole picture thing than little sis, but we still definitely got some cute grins out of them both. Here are my favorites from their session!

the Davis Family | Belly

Jayme is the most gorgeous expectant momma! This was the first session of September that really gave me the fall vibes out here at the homestead, and I was loving it! Big bro wasn’t too excited about having photos taken, but I think we won him over. The good thing about maternity photos is that if big siblings need a break, you can always focus on just momma for a bit! Thanks for having me take these Jayme…your baby girl is going to be gorgeous!

the Kings | Family

I photographed the King family for the first time a few weeks ago, and they came out to the homestead for their session. We’d had to reschedule once due to weather, and this day was warm and mosquitoey! We started out strong, but lost some of the kiddos attention for the second half so we rolled with it and made the session short and sweet. Enjoy some of my favorites!