Graham + Crew | Big News!

I get to see this awesome family several times a year for photos, and lots outside of photography since our kiddos go to the same school. Rachael had scheduled a session with me in January for Graham’s birthday and then both boys showed up with shirts that shared some BIG NEWS!

They’re adding a baby in September and I’m so excited for this family! I can’t wait to photograph another little one for them. These people are the sweetest and I LOVE that I got to be the first to find out about their news. One of my favorite things is sharing in the excitement and joy of big life milestones with the people I photograph.

the Oswalts | Family

This was the first time I got to shoot outside this year. It was for a One-on-One Camera Class that I taught back in January. We were extra excited to shoot outside because there was SNOW on the ground, which we didn’t see much of this winter. And it was warm enough that day (warm is a relative term for January) that I remember hoping the snow would stick around for our shoot. Brandi graciously offered her family to model for my class, and since Brandi is also a photographer, her kids were well trained. They did everything they were asked and even went into poses on their own without any direction. It was awesome! We made it quick since it was still a little chilly, and since the kids (and dog!) behaved perfectly, we were able to get lots of fun photos in a short amount of time.

Bennett | Newborn

Do you see this football-sized baby? Since we took these back in January, I’ll wager to bet that he is twice the size of that football by now. I think this first photo is SO cute. This is another family that I just love, as I was able to photograph mom and dad’s engagement + wedding, big brother’s newborn photos, and now little brother as well. Have I told you that this is my favorite thing about my job? Yes? Okay, then I’ll just tell you again. It’s my favorite thing. Here is baby Bennett at just under two weeks old.

The Tidemanns | Family

I love seeing the Tidemann family a few times each year, and this spring they chose to do their family photos at Botanica with all the gorgeous flowers! It was one of the first hot days this summer, and so we made it quick. The kiddos did great, and all the color was awesome. Love how these turned out. Here are a few favorites!

Sydney {Newborn}

We’re in the middle of a baby boom over here at GDP and I am absolutely loving it. Miss Sydney was born in the middle of the boom and I got to schnuggle her last week. Her session was about as perfect as could be. She slept peacefully the whole time, not caring what crazy poses I put her in. Like a little doll. 🙂 We got to do several more set ups than I typically do in a newborn session due to her drowsiness, so lucky day for mom and dad. Here are some of the precious highlights!

Wichita Newborn Photographer 002Wichita Newborn Photographer 003

Oliver {Baby + Family}

For my last session before I go on maternity leave, I got to photograph the handsome Mr. Oliver late last week. What a cute little dude! We took his photos at his house with his mom and dad, and he was a little unsure of my giant light invading his space at first. Dad gave him a bottle half-way through our mini session and he fell asleep on us! To wake him up and keep the warm-blooded guy comfortable, we stepped out in the cold for a few photos on the front porch. Then we stripped him down and took some of my favorite shots from our session in mom and dad’s bed. I love how those turned out! Here are my favorites!

Wichita Baby Photographer 01 Wichita Baby Photographer 02