Cannon | Newborn

Cannon ate as soon as he got here and then fell asleep for the rest of our 2.5 hours together. His momma brought some fishing props that had been used at big brother Hunter’s newborn session, and we got the sweetest pose with that setup. Cannon gave us a few well-timed grins that we died over. Hunter was so amazing for being so young…he played with toys, helped my assistant Jess find a stick in the yard to use as a fishing pole, and held his brother when we asked him to, he even flashed us a few smiles! It was wonderful to meet this family and such a joy to do newborn photos for them.

Ryder | Newborn

This little dude…I don’t even know what to say. SO smiley! I was worried at first because Ryder seemed to struggle against the swaddle I was putting him in and was very wiggly, but after he got used to the it, he zonked out and slept through the whole thing! He did extremely well and we only had to soothe him a few times, feed him once…but he even slept through his diaper change. Mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa were all there and were just smitten with their perfect little guy. We are all in love!

Bowman | Newborn

Bowman was such an awesome little model! When we started, he did NOT like some of the poses we attempted, so we followed his lead and he rewarded us by just being floppy and awesome. He slept through almost everything we did and loved being swaddled. Mom only wanted two things: photos with a special blanket her grandma had made (see the last photo – where he SMILED!), and photos with the giant Pooh bear. We accomplished both and got a bunch of bonus poses as well. This family’s story is so sweet and this baby is so precious, I am so happy for them!!

Frankie | Newborn

Frankie is such a dream baby! If every newborn slept like Frankie, I could get these sessions done in an hour or less. 🙂 We took a little longer because we were able to be super picky and tweak every little detail since she slept so well. It was especially nice to have my assistant Jessica because she was able to be a second set of eyes to make all the details perfect. Frankie started getting mad at us during the last pose – the lineman setup – but who can blame her? We stuffed her in a pocket. Ha! I absolutely love that we were able to do the lineman photos since Frankie’s daddy is a lineman…so sweet. She is such an amazing baby, and I felt so so blessed after this session. It’s been neat to see her family’s journey, from their engagement, to their wedding, to family photos, and now newborn photos! I just love it!

Glenn | Newborn

Little Glenn just wanted to cuddle at his newborn session…he really wasn’t interested in being posed. He would finally calm down if he had his pacifier in – we kept calling it Wubanub (and I would call out “Wubanub!” just like a doctor would call out “Scalpel!”) – but would be so sad when we took it out. He finally really fell asleep hard and we were able to get the last poses out of him pretty easily and quickly. Big sister Eleanor was a hoot! At some point, she became the photographer. She was taking the photos. She was in charge. She decided when we were done haha. I just love this family and am so excited for their awesome new addition!

Oakley | Newborn

Isn’t Oakley such a cool name? Such a sweet baby, but a bit of a toughie for photos! He didn’t want to sleep…I think he just didn’t want to miss out on anything, ha! Mom and Dad wanted baseball props and whenever we’d put him with the props, he’d get mad at us. Oakley’s big sisters are AMAZING and so enamored with him. They did so well with their photos and then went outside to play while Oakley finished up. After sister photos were done, and the studio was a little quieter, mom fed him a few times and he zonked out. He really liked his pacifier, it would calm him most of the time when he got upset in a pose. I’m so happy we were able to finally get him comfy in the baseball props, I love how they turned out!

Lawson | Newborn

Lawson is definitely a favorite little buddy of mine! He slept so good and literally didn’t care what I did with him or how I posed him. He’d stay asleep and flop his arms around, head back, mouth open. Talk about relaxed! He went from back to tummy and tummy to back with no problem and didn’t startle at all when we would tweak his little fingers or tuck in the blankets around him. What a dream baby! It was so fun to be able to photograph both the siblings in this family as newborns. Congrats to the new family of four!

Pryor | Newborn

This was the second baby in this family I had the honor of photographing, and Pryor looks SO much like his big sister Harper…they are both SUCH cuties! AND, I had trouble keeping Harper’s mouth closed during her newborn session just like I did at Pryor’s! So hilarious. It took a couple of feedings to really get him to fall asleep, which is to be expected. We tried the pacifier and some of the time he loved it, other times he acted like we were ruining his life with it. Babies are funny. He ended up doing wonderfully, especially at the end when he just snoozed like dead weight…even when I took him out of the bed to give him to mom at the end, he was floppy and zonked. The best! Be sure to scroll down to the last few photos to see some of the funny smiles and expressions he flashed at me. 

Asher | Newborn

Asher did so well during his newborn session! He took some convincing (and lots of eating) to fall asleep, but then he did really well in our first pose on the dark grey backdrop. When I moved him, he woke up, so I forced him (lovingly, haha) to love being swaddled (mom and dad said he wasn’t a big fan of the swaddle) and I rocked him back to sleep. After that he slept for the whole thing, even going from tummy to back and back to tummy, which can be a hard transition for the babies to stay asleep during. We all got so excited when he gave us some smiles! Such a sweet little guy, I fell a little bit in love and can’t wait to photograph him throughout his first year.

Livvy | Newborn

Livvy is just the cutest! And her name? AH, so sweet. Momma liked wrapped poses best so we started with those and then she was very much opposed to ever being on her tummy. Ha! She konked out pretty good for awhile but then woke up and even with a few feedings, she didn’t want to go back to sleep. So we did some awake stuff…which turned out super cute! Livvy is the youngest of 4 and they were all so awesome and sweet, everyone was so excited to have a new baby. Her littlest big sister was especially helpful and eager to get photos with her baby sister. So fun catching up with this family and meeting their sweet little bundle!