Essie | Newborn

We started Essie’s session with naked-baby-on-tummy poses, and later came to find out that she MUCH preferred being tightly swaddled and on her back. Who wouldn’t though, really? Ha! Essie is a strong little thing and wanted her arms and fingers tucked in tightly…we were battling her fingers the entire time. Overall though, she did amazingly and we were able to get through all her poses pretty quickly. She was very responsive to her mom and dad’s voices which was super sweet! Had a little trouble getting her to stop scowling, which can happen with the studio light. It was so great getting to know this family through their maternity + newborn sessions!

Olive | Newborn

Olive is the youngest of three and she is just a precious little thing! She was not one to fall asleep easily, so I mixed things up a bit from my usual and wrapped her up to get her to sleep, instead of doing naked baby first. She got a full tummy from momma while we setup, and then we got her to finally catch some Zzzz’s. After several wrapped poses, we did some family stuff and it was so cute! Then when we went to unwrap her, it all went down the drain. She woke up and there was no convincing her otherwise. Ha! Her momma Natalie is a friend of mine from college, and I wasn’t able to photograph her other two as newborns since they lived in a different state. It was such an honor to be able to do these for her!

Jordy | Newborn

Baby Jordy slept through his whole session! He was such a sweet little guy and a great sleeper. His momma Abby did an awesome job of keeping him awake all morning before our session, and she thought he’d need to eat right when they got here. He surprised us all by staying asleep and not needing a snack through the whole thing! Big sister Taya is amazing. She wasn’t even 2 at this session and was such a sweetie with her little brother. Dad said he’d be super surprised if I got a photo of just Taya and Jordy and I took that as a challenge. It may have taken 4 adults, but we made it happen! Taya has the funniest little looks too. Just love this family to pieces! They have an extra special place in my heart because when they found out they were expecting Taya, we gifted our handcrafted (by my father-in-law) crib to them. So both of my boys used the crib, and now Taya and Jordy have too! So darn special!

Vivian | Newborn

We started out a little iffy withe Vivian’s newborn session, and mom said she was worried that Vivian might be a tough one to get to sleep. She was at first…she just wanted to nurse on whoever was holding her (ha!) and kept flinging her head around with her mouth open. So we did family photos with her awake, and then once we wrapped her and soothed her a bit, she fell asleep. She startled a few times and took some shushing, but eventually she fell into a deep sleep and pretty much let us do whatever with her. She was the first girl after a boy streak, so we were very excited for all things girly to use with her. Big bro James was amazing and so darn sweet with Vivian. He kept wanting to hold her and see what she was doing. Such a fun set of photos!

Calloway | Newborn

Calloway was a wiggler! I had to switch the wrap I was using a few times to find the best stretch to contain his arms. We let him be awake for family and brother stuff, but then took the time to get him to sleep for the rest. Every time we got him settled, he would startle after a few minutes. But we prevailed and got some super sweet poses out of him. After we were finished, I changed and dressed him and just got to cuddle a bit and didn’t want to give him back! This little man is very loved by his two big brothers, though chaos ensued when it came to taming all 3 of them for photos. Ha! We got some super cute brother photos. Love this family and so happy for them!

Cannon | Newborn

Cannon ate as soon as he got here and then fell asleep for the rest of our 2.5 hours together. His momma brought some fishing props that had been used at big brother Hunter’s newborn session, and we got the sweetest pose with that setup. Cannon gave us a few well-timed grins that we died over. Hunter was so amazing for being so young…he played with toys, helped my assistant Jess find a stick in the yard to use as a fishing pole, and held his brother when we asked him to, he even flashed us a few smiles! It was wonderful to meet this family and such a joy to do newborn photos for them.

Ryder | Newborn

This little dude…I don’t even know what to say. SO smiley! I was worried at first because Ryder seemed to struggle against the swaddle I was putting him in and was very wiggly, but after he got used to the it, he zonked out and slept through the whole thing! He did extremely well and we only had to soothe him a few times, feed him once…but he even slept through his diaper change. Mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa were all there and were just smitten with their perfect little guy. We are all in love!

Bowman | Newborn

Bowman was such an awesome little model! When we started, he did NOT like some of the poses we attempted, so we followed his lead and he rewarded us by just being floppy and awesome. He slept through almost everything we did and loved being swaddled. Mom only wanted two things: photos with a special blanket her grandma had made (see the last photo – where he SMILED!), and photos with the giant Pooh bear. We accomplished both and got a bunch of bonus poses as well. This family’s story is so sweet and this baby is so precious, I am so happy for them!!

Frankie | Newborn

Frankie is such a dream baby! If every newborn slept like Frankie, I could get these sessions done in an hour or less. 🙂 We took a little longer because we were able to be super picky and tweak every little detail since she slept so well. It was especially nice to have my assistant Jessica because she was able to be a second set of eyes to make all the details perfect. Frankie started getting mad at us during the last pose – the lineman setup – but who can blame her? We stuffed her in a pocket. Ha! I absolutely love that we were able to do the lineman photos since Frankie’s daddy is a lineman…so sweet. She is such an amazing baby, and I felt so so blessed after this session. It’s been neat to see her family’s journey, from their engagement, to their wedding, to family photos, and now newborn photos! I just love it!

Glenn | Newborn

Little Glenn just wanted to cuddle at his newborn session…he really wasn’t interested in being posed. He would finally calm down if he had his pacifier in – we kept calling it Wubanub (and I would call out “Wubanub!” just like a doctor would call out “Scalpel!”) – but would be so sad when we took it out. He finally really fell asleep hard and we were able to get the last poses out of him pretty easily and quickly. Big sister Eleanor was a hoot! At some point, she became the photographer. She was taking the photos. She was in charge. She decided when we were done haha. I just love this family and am so excited for their awesome new addition!