Valerie {Belly}

Val is one of my close friends, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am about her baby girl. She’s due next month and is sure to be a beauty with a mama as pretty as Val. She was battling a cold during our session, so we ended up doing most of the session in the studio. You’d never be able to tell she wasn’t feeling well! Way to pull it together, Val. 🙂 Unfortunately her hubby Luis was also sick and couldn’t make it to our shoot. Baby Izzy has been prayed for for so long and I can’t believe she’s almost here. I will surely have lots of photos of this little girl to post here, so stay tuned! It’s crazy to look back to 6 years ago when Val and I first met…we were so young and both newly married; babies were the furthest things from our mind. Now look at us, all having kids and stuff. I love experiencing friendships that evolve with our changing lives, and cannot wait to see Val in her new role as a mom. Here are some of my favorites from our session!

Wichita Maternity Photographer 01

Wichita Maternity Photographer 02

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