Brett {Senior}

When Brett was in 5th grade, he was in my husband Adam’s class. I actually took his photo waaaaaay back then for a gift for Mother’s Day. He has changed quite a bit since then, and is now an awesome guitar player. Brett likes all things vintage and old, so we were able to find a few old rusty trucks to pose next to. I do have to say though…I had a realization during Brett’s session that made me feel very old. I started doing photography when I was 19. So…you know, I was basically the same age as the seniors I photographed. Brett is the exact same number of years younger than me, as he is years older than my son Sutton. Which means from here on out, the seniors I photograph will be closer in age to my kid than to me. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Okay, please enjoy these while I go indulge on some chocolate chip ice cream…

Wichita Senior Photographer 01 Wichita Senior Photographer 02

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