Libby & Kevin {Married}

Libby and Kevin were married on the second day of 2016, and their wedding was so amazing to be a part of. Surrounded by family and friends who were probably the most supportive bunch I’ve ever seen, they pledged in hand-written vows to love each other forever (and Kevin must remember his bride’s Pei Wei order 🙂 ). It’s not hard to see why these people are so loved. They genuinely care about people. Libby even took time while she was getting dressed to give me a hug and tell me how glad she was that I was there. If I was a crier, I would’ve cried. It almost happened anyway. 🙂

Their reception was so much fun. Everyone was dancing, laughing, having a good time…and towards the end of the night, the entire room made a circle around the couple on the dance floor and they had (what I can only imagine) was one of the coolest moments of their life – taking in the love and happiness that all their family and friends were showing for them. After awhile, the crowd gathered close in one final show of support that looked like a gigantic hug. Everyone left the room, and in the only moment of quiet that whole day, Libby and Kevin had one last dance in an empty ballroom. Beautiful.

Congrats to this awesome couple…it was an honor to document your day.

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