Styled Wedding Session

Towards the beginning of the year, I had an idea to do a photo shoot that was completely for myself. I photograph other people nearly every day (which I love!), so I felt inspired to do a shoot that was for me: my ideas, my taste, my preferences. The idea of shooting to please no other person seemed wonderful. The shoot ended up transforming beyond what I originally planned into a styled wedding session complete with a bride, groom, and bridesmaid. A lot (I mean a LOT) of things went wrong along the way. There was stress and hot glue gun burns and sickness (I had no voice the day we were shooting!). There was laughing and dress shopping and dinners to discuss details.  I found the most wonderful location about 2 days before, got permission from the owner, and everything was set! I got to work with some amazing people and I’m so proud of what we created. Without further ado, please enjoy this romantic styled wedding session…among the Bradford Pears.

Wichita Wedding Photographer 01 Wichita Wedding Photographer 02

Models: Kathryn & Reed Parker, Kristina Sims

Gowns: I Do Bridal & Tux

Invitations: Tessa Konen at Royal Script

Calligraphy: Mischia Kirkpatrick at Six Cent Stamp

Hair & Makeup: Cari Palesano

Florals: Gina Dreher & Montana Lane

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