I Got in Front of the Camera… {A Video}

My husband Adam and I have been working on a little project, and it is finally ready! Over the past couple of months, he went out with me on some of my photo shoots to video some behind-the-scenes footage in order to make a video about my business, my philosophy, my photography. A big thank you to Jen & Ruse + kiddos, Laura & Adam + kiddos, Kristina, and Reed & Kathryn…as well as my lovely boys for allowing us to video during your sessions. We appreciate it and hopefully it’s fun for y’all to see your lovely faces in this.

Additionally, as you might be able to tell, my Adam is kinda talented at this whole video thing. He has started a little video company that we have named Adler Grey Videography (our boys’ middle names). He has decided to focus on real estate and business promotional videos, be sure to click here to check out his website and some of his awesome work!

I hope you guys enjoy!

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