Jenna + Jared | Married

Jenna and Jared’s September wedding was a blast to photograph. These two, along with their wedding party, were so laid back and fun. Jared had a bunch of buddies come in from Minnesota where he’s from, and this bunch was crazy…we have some stories. 🙂 After their ceremony at St. Thomas, we headed to a park and the golf course by their reception venue to do a bunch of portraits. I even got lots of time in between to photograph reception details, which isn’t always the case! The best part of the reception was hands down the “kissing game.” You know how normally at receptions, when someone clinks a glass the couple has to kiss? Well Jenna and Jared did things a little differently: couples had to come up to the head table and demonstrate how they wanted the bride and groom to kiss. Upside down? Being held horizontally by 8 of your friends? Doing a handstand? All of the above. 🙂 Congrats to Jenna and Jared on their marriage, and thanks for choosing us to document your day!

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