Spring + Summer 2017 Booking is Open!

Hello everyone!
I’m super pumped about our brand new way of booking sessions. I feel that it will allow me to feel more in control of my schedule and the quality of work that I can give you. I also know it will help keep me and my family sane to have more of a routine…my boys will be happy to see a little bit more of their momma. Thank you so much for allowing me to take your photos, and also for understanding this much-needed change!
Booking is officially now open for the spring and summer 2017 seasons. Here are a few details that you need to know:
1 – I will only be shooting on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and the times will vary depending on sunset (gotta get that golden light!).
2 – There will be 1 to 2 slots each Monday and Tuesday evening, depending on the nuances of my schedule. Each slot will allow for our new and improved Full Session (to be outlined below) that I’m very excited about!
3 – One of the Monday or Tuesday evenings each month will be reserved for Mini Sessions. We will be able to fit in 4 Mini Sessions in one evening.
4 – This means that there will now be certain days for Full Sessions, and certain days for Mini Sessions. The schedule will spell out which days are which, so check for that first when you are picking the date you’d like to book your session for.
5 – Locations for the Full Sessions will vary, depending on what you have in mind. Though if your session is on an evening that I have another session, we will have to work out logistics. The Minis will all take place at the same location. I will choose that location and it will change from month to month.
6 – Once these slots are full, they are full! Newborns and weddings will be the only exceptions…I will be taking 3 newborns per month on top of this, and a select number of weddings according to season.
7 – I am ending this season on August 1. We will open Fall and Winter booking in July, and it will look very similar to this.
*the Full Session:
     +45 minute session
     +ALL edited digital images from your session (around 30-70 photos)
     +you choose the location
     = $275
*the Mini Session:
     +20 minute session
     +10 edited digital images from your session (around 15-30 to choose from)
     +at location chosen by me
     = $150
Now, you might be wondering how to actually book your session! We have set up a handy dandy online system where you go in and choose the type of session you want, the date you want, the time you want. There’s a place to pay your deposit and voila! The spot is yours! This is the first time I’ve used this system and I’ve been playing around with it a BUNCH…but please bear with me as there may be a few kinks to work out. Click here to book your session.
If you already scheduled a session with me for this season, you are already in the system and should’ve gotten an email about your appointment time. Please let me know if you didn’t get that email (be sure to check your spam folder too).
Just as a heads up…I had to previously schedule all my clients who had purchased Bundles and Gift Certificates since they had already paid for spots. That is why there may not be as many open spots as you would think there might be. April, for example, is already nearly booked for full sessions, but there are a couple left as well as all the minis.
Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions. Thank you thank you!

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