Laura, Ryan, + Breckyn | Belly

Where to even start with this beautiful family! They are just so fun to be around, and Breckyn is so happy and joy-filled that you can’t help but be in a good mood around her. We tried something a little different for their belly session and went to the Pop-Up Park downtown. Loved all the color!

I have to tell this story…though hopefully I don’t embarrass Laura. 🙂 Laura wanted to wear her wedding ring for these photos, so she shoved it on her swollen finger, which immediately swelled even more and started turning red. She texted me to ask if I had any floss in my car that they could use to try to get the ring off since they’d already tried lotion. I didn’t have any, but asked if she wanted me to go to a store. She said yes. So I turned my car around and hit some terrible traffic, which I later found out was caused by the traffic lights not working. I finally got to Dillons (15 minutes after I was supposed to be starting our session), and the Dillons had no power (just like the traffic lights, which if I was smart I would’ve put together earlier) so they were closing. I called Laura back and she said to forget it, so I turned back around and made it to our location about 30 minutes late. Luckily, no one stressed out too much (or at least they didn’t show it!) and Laura had to get her ring cut off after the session! I feel so terrible about that part! But she took it all in stride and makes the most gorgeous pregnant momma. I can’t wait to photograph baby sister next month!

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