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I asked y’all on facebook to choose what my next This Is Me post should be about, and you must think I have a lot to say because the Random Ramblings idea won! On my drive home from my photo sessions the other night, I was trying to think what I could possibly say that would be interesting. It’s really hard to come up with a topic out of thin air!

This is what I came up with: I’m basically going to interview myself…let’s hope it turns out somewhat interesting. 🙂

What is something I’m bad at? Wow, what a great way to start this. Singing. Like…so bad. I’m in awe of people who have beautiful singing voices, but I am not one of them. Unless I’m in my car. Alone. And the song is in a very narrow pitch range.

What is something I’m good at? You can’t really answer this question without sounding like you’re bragging, so I’m just gonna brag for a second. I feel like I’m pretty good at marriage. I should say WE are pretty good at marriage, because…you know, there are two people involved here. I still think that dude is fine as heck, and he makes sure that I know he thinks the same of me. High five, babe! (Looks are obviously not all that’s involved here, but your facebook vote didn’t sway me to publish my blog about marriage quite yet.)

What is something I feel lucky for? My family. (Awwwww.) But really. I know I could do it if I had to, but I would be terrified to be a girl mom. I didn’t realize that until I found out I was destined to be a boy mom, but I like dem boys. And I feel like we’ve got a good thing going on: we jive well. We’re good at playing hard and being lazy hard too. Teeeeeeeeam DREHER!

What is a fear I have? Okay this is weird and this is me being a little vulnerable. I think the best way to sum it up is that I fear time. Like, I fear each season passing too quickly. I fear my kids becoming older. I fear getting to be an old lady in my industry and becoming irrelevant. I fear being oblivious to things that I will take for granted in the future. I fear the feeling of my “good ol days” being behind me.

Current favorite song? Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Click here for a little dance break.

Describe my ideal day. Wowza. Are we sure we’re ready for this? Okay here goes: Sleep in, french toast for breakfast, go get a massage and get my nails done, go out to an awesome lunch with a friend, come home and take a nap, snuggle with my kids for a bit, have a babysitter come over and go out on a date with Adam. That’s like my run-of-the-mill ideal day. If we’re going over-the-top-extravagant, it would be flying my family and some friends to Hawaii (along with a babysitter) and lounging on the beach without having to do anything for anyone (that’s what the babysitter is for). <Sigh>

What is something that most people don’t know? I never let anyone besides Adam and my kids see me without makeup.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? Chili’s chips and salsa, plus my recipe of chocolate chip cookies for sure. Street tacos. Cheese fries. Dr. Pepper. I think that’s it. OH…maybe some strawberry pretzel pie and mushroom pizza too.

Guilty pleasure? TV. I have shows on while I’m editing photos, and my favorite thing to do once the boys are in bed is watch a show with Adam up in our bedroom. Dr Pepper is also a guilty pleasure. And strawberry Hi Chew candy.

Share a funny story. So I needed to sell my old iMac computer. Adam is the Craigslist guy in this house, so he did everything involved in listing it. He had a guy contact him and ask if he would be willing to do a trade, so Adam asked what trade this dude had in mind. The guy sent Adam a picture of a full grown man’s bear costume. Here’s the kicker. Adam was all in. Like…he wanted to do it and was desperately trying to convince me it was a good idea. (Is this real life?) We went out on a double date that night with some friends, and Adam FREAKING CONVINCED THEM TO BE ON HIS SIDE. What is happening. How are 3 people telling me it’s a good idea for my husband to trade my iMac for a bear costume?!!?!?!?!?!

Tell something about my house. When we bought our house, we weren’t even looking to move. I loved our old house so much! We happened to drive by this house for sale and I thought it was extremely ugly. Adam took it upon himself to look it up online. Long story short…here we are. (He usually gets his way.) It was only half finished, and the finished half only had two bedrooms. I feel like it would’ve been weird for most people to buy a half finished house, but it definitely worked out perfectly for us. We were able to make the unfinished half into my studio, office, and our bedroom. Adam and his dad did almost all of the work…we definitely wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise!

A wish. I feel like my selfish wish is to be rid of two things in my life: self-doubt and stress. I’m terrible about both and would be so much happier if I could just chill the freak out.

Fave thing to photograph. Before I answer this, let me just say that I have favorite aspects to every type of session I photograph. But through the years, my favorite thing to photograph has changed. I finally realized that I most like to photograph the season of life that I am in…because I can relate most to the people in front of my camera. So right now, the most fun thing is families with little kids. I love seeing the dynamic between the parents and kiddos, as well as the sibling relationships. But newborns are fun too because…who doesn’t love holding (and/or smelling) a brand new baby?!

Starbucks order. Caramel latte. Sugar free with skim milk if I’m trying to be “good.” ALL the sugar and fat if I’m not.

Weird quirk. Those close to me already know this, but I hate my jawline/chin. This is why I rarely ever wear my hair up, because I feel like my hair hides it! I also prefer to be photographed from a certain side, and I feel like I look like two completely different people from the two different sides of my face.

Favorite thing about Adam. Physical or otherwise? 😉 I really appreciate his ingenuity. If he has an idea (and he always does), he will make it happen. He’s not the type to just dream about something, he usually gets after it. Which may leave us with little in the savings account, but at least we’re having fun! (My parents may cringe at that last sentence.)

Favorite thing about Sutton (he’s 7 years old). He is very loving…he’s not like a super physical, constantly on-the-go, crazy boy. He is compassionate, especially towards animals. He has a tender heart and is very much a momma’s boy. It’s hard because this can definitely have some adverse affects on life (#momguilt), but I am grateful that he is this way.

Favorite thing about Ren (he’s 3 years old). Two things: he and I share the love language of physical touch so we are always up for cuddling. And his sense of humor. That boy is FUNNY. And he doesn’t even have to try. I’m very interested to see how this trait plays out as he gets older.

That was a lot about me, now I want to know more about YOU! One of my goals with putting out more personal posts was letting you all get to know me better. But I mean, I already know me…I want to know you! Choose one (or five) of my questions from above and answer it in the comments below. I can’t wait to read your responses!!

And we’ll end with one of our recent family photos by Amanda Marie Photography because every post is better with a photo!

Love y’all,

Gina <3

3 thoughts on “This is Me | Random Ramblings

  1. I learned some things here. Wow. Uh, I’m with you…let’s not trade the iMac for the bear costume. Get some cash for that bad boy! My Starbucks order: never the same from day to day! But in general…a plain old latte!

  2. 1. Favorite Song of all time…. changing it up because I have like 6 right now options. I even got a link for you. Live because it’s when he’s at his best. Colly Strings by Manchester Ochestra
    2. Something I’m terrible at… groceries. The long running joke on my house is I’m getting groceries today. That always means lunchables for lunch and a Dillion’s salad bar. Im an amazing cook but a horrible planner. Groceries just don’t happen.
    3. Something I’m good at…. all the crafts. I’m super creative and can make anything. It’s the only area of my life that I don’t mind messing up.
    4. My ideal day… no one needs me for anything. There are zero questions and I’m not in charge.
    5. Something I feel lucky for… also my amazing boys. They’re witty, smartassy, and handsome. They crack me up, drive me insane, and make my life complete. I literally cannot ask for more.

  3. Something I’m bad at:. Being on time *sigh*.
    Something I’m good at: Cooking and baking ( at least Paul and I think so)
    A wish: I’m with you Gina, less self doubt and stress!
    Favorite thing about Paul: His sense of humor I think he’s funny and he knows how to lighten the mood in heavy situations. I love watching him be a Dad and it makes me more attracted to him.

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