Bastian | Newborn

We made it! This is the last blog post and last session from 2017. It makes me feel at least a little caught up. Even though it’s the end of of March, and now we’re only to January, ha! Bastian is the son of some of our friends, Montana and Travis. We always joke that these two followed my and Adam’s life plan, just a few years behind. They started dating in high school (like us), they got married on June 3rd (like us), and now they have two boys (like us). I love it! 🙂 Baby Baz took a LOT of work to get to sleep. I put him in the basket on his tummy and then held him there for a long time until he finally fell asleep. I got a bunch of cute photos of him in the basket on the pine branches, and then once we moved him, he woke up again and wouldn’t really go back to sleep. But we got what we needed and he is a sweetie!

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