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Helloooooooo friendy friends! Happy Monday, I hope your weekend was WONderful (say “wonderful” in a sing-song voice for full effect).

If you follow me on instagram (as you should…@ginadreherphoto), you may have noticed that I have recently gotten into taking self portraits. I think it is SO important to document your kids’ lives; I don’t have to tell you that. But I think it is equally as important to exist in photos. Your kids (and yourself) will love seeing what you looked like 50 years from now. Trust me. YOU are important. So very important.

I wanted to share how I am able to take these self portraits while being in front of the camera. I have to preface this by saying that I am super new to this, so it’s something I’m still experimenting with and learning about!

Here are the items you will need for a self-portrait:
*DSLR camera with a timer
*remote trigger
*good light

Before we get into the “how”…let me explain the remote trigger and what that is about. A remote trigger is a remote (duh) that you can use to make your camera take a photo without you pressing the button on the actual camera. There are ones you can use on your phone (though your camera must have wifi capabilities for that), and there are a million fancy ones you can purchase. But keeping it real: I’m a cheapy at heart…so here’s the one I purchased: Wireless Remote for Canon. Eight bucks, people. Yeah yeah. (First pump for full effect.)

And now, here is how you do the thing:

1 – Find an area with good light (very important, otherwise you will probably be frustrated with your results!). Be creative…if it’s night time, find a good lamp to light your faces. Flashlights could be super fun too! (Might have to try that one!)

2 – Put your camera on the tripod, make sure it’s secure.

3 – Set your camera for the lighting situation. Take practice photos to make sure your exposure is properly set.

4 – Set a person or object where you will be in the photo. This is for focusing purposes. Press your shutter halfway down to focus on that person or object. Once your focus is correct, switch your lens to MANUAL FOCUS. Very important, friends. Otherwise your camera will try to choose the correct focus when it takes the photo and (as anyone who has taken my workshop knows) YOUR CAMERA DOES NOT HAVE A BRAIN. (It’s true, don’t cry.)

5 – Set the timer on your camera to the 2-second delay. Especially if you’re trying to catch action or a certain moment, you won’t want to use the longer 10-second time because it will seem like an eternity waiting for the shutter to go.

6 – Go get in the frame. Set everything up how you want it to be. In the case of my photo above, I began playing with my kid and my dog.

7 – Point your remote trigger at the little infrared sensor on the front of your camera and press the button.

8 – Try to conceal the remote trigger if you can.

9 – You have two seconds to make it awesome before the photo is taken.

10 – Take several shots. One right after the other. I’m never happy with my first one. So I change how I’m positioned, or how my kid is positioned and then take another. Once you’ve taken 7-10 shots, go look at them on the back of the camera.

Easy enough, right? My challenge to you is to take a self portrait and send it to me! (via email, instagram, the comments here, facebook) I want to share some of them on my instagram from you!

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