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Man! It has been a minute since I’ve blogged. This fall has left me like a headless chicken (just running…and running lol), and it has been a blast getting to see all my super fabulous clients, but very time consuming to shoot and edit all my sessions! Hopefully I will rejoin the cool kids who blog every day again soon…I have an insane amount of photos to share with you all. (Graham’s Number comes to mind – google it…I have an 8-year-old, so I know about things like Graham’s Number.)

I am officially on Christmas break with my kiddos and (besides a few newborns) will be taking some time off to enjoy my family and to celebrate the season.

Merry Christmas from the Drehers! Sometimes these silly ones are more fun than the perfect ones!



I also wanted to make things officially official (in the most official way I can be official. Officially.) about the direction we are headed at Gina Dreher Photography. I announced this on my instastory a few weeks ago, but I know not everyone does Instagram or instastories (you’re lucky that I do…still can’t get on board with Snapchat or Twitter…does that make me old?). So here it officially is!

This announcement has been a long-time coming and I’ve been making this transition slowly over the last few years: in order to focus more of my efforts, education, and expertise in other directions, I will no longer be photographing weddings!

This is bittersweet for me…I have been photographing weddings since I was 19 years old (so, just like 2 years ago 😉 bahahahahaha), and they are how I got my start in professional photography! I am super excited to finish up the last 3 weddings on my calendar in 2019, and so glad that I can give my brides some extra TLC since they are my last ones.

As you may have noticed, Gina Dreher Photography has been going in a direction that is more baby- and family-oriented and I’m excited for the ride. I love photographing growing families and documenting baby milestones and am so happy that so many of you trust me to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments for you.

It always twinges a little when I have to turn away a wedding because they were my focus for so long. But I have a whole list of amazing photographers to send your way if you’re needing a wedding photographer recommendation!

I feel extremely blessed to have been a part of so many of your best-day-evers and I don’t take that for granted. So many of you have become friends! My favorite part of what I do is getting to experience big life milestones with people…I have loved photographing weddings and then having those same couples come back to me when they began having babies.

But I feel such a peace about hanging up my hat in that area of photography. And SO excited about moving forward with all my little baby friends! I have so many ideas and plans and (as long as I can get my super-amazing-and-incredibly-handsome husband on board with the plans that involve construction) I can’t wait to keep bettering all aspects of my baby and family photography.

With all of this in mind, I appreciate your business now more than ever! Word-of-mouth has and continues to be my best friend in getting new clients, so if you know anyone who’s having a baby…send them my way! And to all of my loyal clients…I love you guys so much and am grateful to you and excited to continue our sessions together!

2018 has been a year of growth and discovery in our family. We have discovered that quality of life and friendships and family are what are most important to us, and we have made major life changes  that reflect that importance. This may mean some changes in income, in stability, and it definitely means having more faith. But you only get this one life, and one chance to raise a family. We are excited to dive into 2019 with heads up and ideas abounding. Thanks for joining us on this ride!

(Our family photo plans failed a bit this year, so luckily my boys are super cooperative when family photos involve a tripod and a remote!)

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