Jordy | Newborn

Baby Jordy slept through his whole session! He was such a sweet little guy and a great sleeper. His momma Abby did an awesome job of keeping him awake all morning before our session, and she thought he’d need to eat right when they got here. He surprised us all by staying asleep and not needing a snack through the whole thing! Big sister Taya is amazing. She wasn’t even 2 at this session and was such a sweetie with her little brother. Dad said he’d be super surprised if I got a photo of just Taya and Jordy and I took that as a challenge. It may have taken 4 adults, but we made it happen! Taya has the funniest little looks too. Just love this family to pieces! They have an extra special place in my heart because when they found out they were expecting Taya, we gifted our handcrafted (by my father-in-law) crib to them. So both of my boys used the crib, and now Taya and Jordy have too! So darn special!

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