Logan | Newborn

Such a good little buddy! Logan slept through everything and even though he was a little wiggly, he let us get in all the poses we wanted. He totally didn’t mind all the noise and commotion of big brother Lincoln traipsing around the studio (and believe me, when you’re 2-years-old and confined to a single room for 2 hours, there’s a lot of “traipsing” going on!)…it almost seemed to calm him! Both these brothers are just precious and we even got to re-create one of Lincoln’s newborn photos from 2 years ago with Logan – check out the last two photos in this post. Also, please note the use of animal crackers to bribe Lincoln to take photos with Logan…and how Lincoln tried to feed one to the baby, ha!

Logan on top in 2019, and big brother Lincoln on the bottom in 2017.

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