Lainey | Newborn

Such a snuggly little lady! Lainey loved being held. Her momma brought some cute little things to use in her session, so we did those first and she struggled a bit with sleeping. She finally gave in, and we finished up the naked stuff before wrapping her up. Once wrapped, she literally snoozed without a peep the rest of our session! We loved playing dress-up with Lainey, she’s such a doll. I have gotten to photograph her since then, at about 3 months old but you’ll have to wait awhile to see that session…I’m so behind on blogging! Also…make sure to check out the last photo to see how she SMILED for her family photo!

One thought on “Lainey | Newborn

  1. Wow Gina! You captured the sweetness of my baby girl ❤️
    I am Craig’s mother and I see a lot of Craig when he was a baby. These pictures show me some of her mom, Kirby.
    Thank you!

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