Arhan | Newborn

Disclaimer: This will be at the beginning of all my posts until quarantine is over. I just wanted to reassure you that here at Gina Dreher Photography, we are taking all precautions and following the state’s Stay-At-Home order. These photos were taken back in 2019…I’ve just been so swamped that I haven’t had a chance to share them until now. -Gina

Do you see all this hair?! We were so excited when Arhan showed up for his session sporting that amazing head of hair. He and his parents and grandparents traveled 3 hours for his session, so at first Arhan was ready to be awake after a long car nap! Mom fed him and he seemed sleepy so we began posing but he quickly made it evident that he wanted to eat more! I wrapped him up more tightly and mom fed him again. After the second feeding, he was a perfect angel! He loved his wrapped poses, and made us work a little for the unwrapped ones at the end but we won! It was SO special to have his grandparents here from India for his session, and I’m so glad that they jumped in a few of the photos. Seeing how in love they are with their first grandbaby brought tears to my eyes! I wasn’t sure if they’d want to be posted here, so I just kept those few photos private.

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