Lucy | Newborn

Disclaimer: This will be at the beginning of all my posts until quarantine is over. I just wanted to reassure you that here at Gina Dreher Photography, we are taking all precautions and following the state’s Stay-At-Home order. These photos were taken back in 2019…I’ve just been so swamped that I haven’t had a chance to share them until now. -Gina

Lucy is an amazing miracle! Her momma contacted me after she was already almost 2 weeks old…they hadn’t thought they would get to do newborn photos due to Lucy being in the NICU, but she surprised everyone by being able to come home earlier than planned. So we snuck her in for a session and she is just my favorite. Once I convinced her that a swaddle was a good thing, she fell into a deep sleep for most of our prop poses. Lucy even SMILED for the very first click of the shutter! She wasn’t a fan of being on her tummy so after trying unsuccessfully to pose her on her tummy, we decided she was just too uncomfortable and we finished up with some awake shots. Lucy is the youngest of 8 and is so very loved! I got to see her again this year for my Valentine’s Minis and it was so fun to see how much she’d grown.

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