Wife. Momma. Photographer.

My life can be summed up pretty simply by those three words. My husband Adam and my sons Sutton and Ren are everything to me. They inspire, they help me create, and to be honest…they drive me crazy. But everyone needs a little crazy, right?

During the days, I chase my boys around and try my best to keep our house from burning down. (So far, so good!) But on evenings and weekends, I get to do something else that is absolutely amazing…photography. I love my job, and I love being a part of people’s lives. Engagements, weddings, newborn babies, family photos…I love it all.

A few little-known facts about me:

-I’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years.

-I LOVE Dr Pepper…ugh…so much.

-I have a 10-year-old dog named Diesel that my husband gave me for my birthday when we were engaged. He’s fat and awesome.

-One way: Jesus.

-My favorite band is Coldplay.

-Dark chocolate is far superior to milk chocolate and I don’t know how anyone could ever think differently.

-Speaking of which…chocolate chip cookies? Oh wow. That’s my weakness right there.

-When did this become all about food?

-I’m super excited to meet you and take your photos, so click over on the Contact form and shoot me an email!

Photo credit: Amanda Marie Photography


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