Kayla + Kelsey | Belly

Kayla and I met early this year when she took a camera class from me. We had an awesome day talking about everything under the sun. I was so excited when she contacted me to tell me that she and her hubby were expecting! We took maternity photos a few weeks back, and she’s so tiny that I kept having to tell her to stick out her belly, haha! I’m so happy for them, and can’t wait for newborn photos in November!

Rachel + Greg | Belly

We were debating all day about whether or not to go forward with Rachel and Greg’s session a few weeks ago. It had been rainy on and off, plus overcast and dark. But they were willing to be adventurous, and my schedule is nuts, so we decided to go ahead and WOWZA I’m so glad we did! I stopped on the way and got a black umbrella to use. It sprinkled on us right at the beginning so we got to use the umbrella (see the first photo below), but then stayed pretty dry the rest of the time. I love the overcast light we had this evening, and how green everything was next to Rachel’s pop of color in her pink dress. So excited to meet and photograph this baby next month!

Introducing :: Family Films

Happy to finally announce this and to share my awesome husband’s talents with the world! 🙂

Click here to go to the Adler Grey website that has more info + pricing!

It’s been so great to have Adam switch careers to doing video full time. He’s excited, passionate, and eager to keep making films that matter, and this is the next step in that direction!

Chea + Tyler | Belly

I love this session so much! A friend of ours had this huge field of wildflowers basically in their backyard, and I was so excited to use it for a session. Chea and Tyler were perfect, dressed perfect, and did everything I asked of them despite the bugs. I’m so excited for these two first time parents. Congrats to them!

the Loganbills | Belly

I can’t believe that this little lady is already going to be a big sister! I first met this family when momma was pregnant with big sis. We’ve been through a lot together over the past couple of years and I’m so excited to meet baby boy. Big sister wasn’t so much into the whole picture-taking thing, so I tried to back off a little and let her play. It was so fun to capture these 3 before they become 4!

Rebecca, Brett, + Sydney | Belly

I can hardly believe that Sydney is going to be a big sister. Seems like not too long ago we were taking maternity photos when her momma was pregnant with her, and now it’s time for a little brother! This family has a very busy month in August. Baby boy is due AND they’re starting a new business called the Dapper Doughnut that I cannot WAIT to try! Big life changes for these awesome people. Can’t wait to meet the little guy soon!

Sammi + Brian | Belly

I’m probably not supposed to say this, but this is one of my FAVORITE sessions lately. Lots of things came together to make it awesome, and I’m pretty much obsessed with every photo and I’ve definitely over-posted from this one! Sammi’s due date is THIS week, so very soon we will be doing newborn photos of this new family of 3. Can’t wait for that. In the meantime, enjoy this highlight of (very difficult for me to narrow down for this post) sweet photos from their maternity session.

the Simmons | Baby Bump

Morgan *was* pregnant with twin boys back in April during our homestead session. She is just gorgeous pregnant, and we had a beautiful evening to document this time as a family of three before they became five. Her babies were born last week, and we get to do newborn photos next week…I can’t wait! Congrats to the Simmons family!

The Klassens | Gender Reveal

I was so excited for this session, because in addition to doing normal family photos, I knew that I was going to get to find out if this family’s third baby was a boy or a girl. I definitely asked when I first got there – “do I have to wait until I’m actually taking the photos of the reveal, or can I know now??” Ha! Luckily they didn’t keep me in suspense. You’re gonna have to scroll to the end of this post to see the AMAZING way they told everyone pink or blue!

Seriously…a teeny cute pumpkin and SMOKE BOMBS??? The best ever.

Congrats to the Klassens on their third baby GIRL! I can’t wait to do newborn photos here very soon!

Laura, Ryan, + Breckyn | Belly

Where to even start with this beautiful family! They are just so fun to be around, and Breckyn is so happy and joy-filled that you can’t help but be in a good mood around her. We tried something a little different for their belly session and went to the Pop-Up Park downtown. Loved all the color!

I have to tell this story…though hopefully I don’t embarrass Laura. 🙂 Laura wanted to wear her wedding ring for these photos, so she shoved it on her swollen finger, which immediately swelled even more and started turning red. She texted me to ask if I had any floss in my car that they could use to try to get the ring off since they’d already tried lotion. I didn’t have any, but asked if she wanted me to go to a store. She said yes. So I turned my car around and hit some terrible traffic, which I later found out was caused by the traffic lights not working. I finally got to Dillons (15 minutes after I was supposed to be starting our session), and the Dillons had no power (just like the traffic lights, which if I was smart I would’ve put together earlier) so they were closing. I called Laura back and she said to forget it, so I turned back around and made it to our location about 30 minutes late. Luckily, no one stressed out too much (or at least they didn’t show it!) and Laura had to get her ring cut off after the session! I feel so terrible about that part! But she took it all in stride and makes the most gorgeous pregnant momma. I can’t wait to photograph baby sister next month!