Stephanie + Tyler | Engaged

So you know that flamenco dancer emoji with the red dress? Yeah, so Steph told me that her dress for photos made her feel like that emoji. And…um…yeah. TWINS. She rocked that dress (with a little help from the wind) and I’m obsessed with these photos! We had such a gorgeous October evening for their photos, and it was so much fun getting to know these friends better before their wedding this summer. All these sunset photos are totally doing the trick of warming me up on this chilly/foggy January day!

Aleesa + Jared | Engaged

I couldn’t be more in love with this session! Early fall + late evening golden sun will forever be my favorite. Before our engagement session, I had only spoken with Aleesa over phone and Skype. So it was wonderful to finally meet her and Jared the evening of their session. They were worried they (Jared lol) wouldn’t be naturals in front of the camera, buy holy cow! Check them out! Ow ow! We left the session feeling like old friends, and I’m so glad that these two are one of my last weddings. Their spring wedding is sure to be gorgeous! Stay tuned for that!

Introducing :: Family Films

Happy to finally announce this and to share my awesome husband’s talents with the world! 🙂

Click here to go to the Adler Grey website that has more info + pricing!

It’s been so great to have Adam switch careers to doing video full time. He’s excited, passionate, and eager to keep making films that matter, and this is the next step in that direction!

Ashlynn + Trevor | Engaged

I had so much fun with Ashlynn and Trevor last month, thinking up all kinds of ways to get them to laugh (and if you look at the photos, it worked!). They are young and sweet and in love, and I’m so excited for their wedding next year. And get this crazy connection: Ashlynn’s mom was my husband’s 5th grade teacher…AND…when Trevor was a kid, his parents and my parents were in a church small group together. Isn’t that crazy town? We could’ve set them up when they were 3 years old if Adam and I had just known each other back then. 😉 Ha! Enjoy their fun session!

Ty + Kaitlin | Engaged

This session was back in May, but these two are actually getting married THIS weekend, in Colorado. So excited for them, and can’t wait to see photos of what is sure to be a gorgeous day. We had lots of fun on this May evening…everything was so green and lush at our location, and since Ty is the big brother of one of my close friends, it was fun getting to know him a little better. Congrats to Ty and Kaitlin, I hope your wedding day is amazing!

Katie + Tyler | Engaged

These two are just the best! So fun, so in love, and so laughy. Is laughy a word? I love all of the genuine smiles and the joy that shows up in these photos. Katie and Tyler are so good together, and they made me feel like an old friend during their session. I’m so excited for their December wedding…I’m sure the landscape will look very different than it did here, on the last day of April!

Renny + Will | Engaged

This couple has a lot of things going for them in my books. First and most obvious – I love Renny’s name. We often call my son Ren “Renny” so as soon as I started talking with Renny about her wedding, I definitely sent her a video of my Ren saying “Hi Renny, my name’s Ren!” The cutest. Secondly, I took Renny’s senior photos way back about 10 years ago. Crazy. Thirdly, they’re having an early fall outdoor wedding, which just sounds amazing! I’m so excited. I met Renny and Will for a morning session a couple of months ago, and we had a great time laughing and walking and talking and photographing. Can’t wait for this wedding!

Braidyn + Nathan | Engaged

Where to even start with this one? First of all, photo OVERLOAD because I loved this entire session from start to finish. I traveled out to Nathan and his family’s land in the middle of nowhere, and we went to several different spots they’d picked out and it was all perfection. The spot we ended at had gorgeous views of the prairie and I wish I had access to it always! It was so fun to do these in places where Nathan grew up. While I was warned that they may not be the most comfortable people in front of the camera, I feel like it ended up being the total opposite. I mean…look at this first photo!!! So excited for their wedding this fall. If the engagement session was this good, just think what magic we’ll make at the wedding! <3

Whitney + Andrew | Engaged

Not sure I have ever laughed this much during a session! These two were very upfront with me that they were not super comfortable in front of cameras. I told them it was no biggie, and we would have fun. We totally did! They were goofy and hilarious and it was a lot of fun to spend this time together before their big day in March. They realized that I’m not some stuffy old photographer who will make them tilt their head at a 72.5 degree angle, and I realized how much fun their wedding is going to be! I seriously can’t wait. I’m sure they can’t either…so happy for these two!

Kathryn + Reed | Anniversary

Meet my sister-from-another-mister Kathryn and her awesome hubby Reed. These two are dear friends of ours and I love that I get to photograph them each year on their anniversary! I photographed their wedding 2 years ago and we have done an anniversary session with their dog Riley each year since. I love these two for the simple fact that they are fun to double date with, but they are also amazing with our kids (even though they don’t have any of their own!). Every time my youngest sees “Parker” (as he calls Kathryn), he runs and gives her a hug. She even saved his life recently, you’ll have to ask me about that one. 😉 And Reed is always up for some wrestling and throwing the boys around in our foam pit. Love these two! Happy anniversary you guys, a couple months later!