Spring Booking + Camera Class | Announcements


It’s January!! That means it’s just about time for booking to open for our spring season. I’m so excited for all the families, weddings, and babies…as well as for all the green naturey things.

**I am working out all the final details for my spring calendar as we speak and will open booking very soon! Be sure to click here and fill out the form at the bottom of this post if you’d like to be notified when slots are available.

**We are having a group camera workshop here at the studio on Saturday, February 11th from 9am to 2pm. If you were on my workshop list, you should’ve already gotten an email about this. We still have a few spots left, so please click here to contact me if you’d like to attend!

+Visit this page on my website for more info and pricing.

+I haven’t held a workshop in awhile and don’t have plans to do another one until next winter so this is your chance!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful friends, family, clients, and blog stalkers. 😉 I’m so grateful for all of you and wish you all the best in 2017. Last year was an amazing year and I know that this one will be even better.

I have been out of town for the last several days, visiting family in Colorado. But we are back to regularly scheduled programming starting tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a peek at our best nine photos of 2016 on instagram. If you don’t follow me there, be sure to check it out!


Super Duper Important Info!

Hey hey! This post has been a long in coming, we’ve recorded it 3 times on 3 separate occasions and I’m finally happy with it. 🙂  Please watch the video first, then read through the info posted below.

In summary…I don’t want my family life or the quality of my work to suffer from being over-busy. So here’s the new format/rules for booking a session with me! Super exciting stuff, people. 🙂

  1. No more booking sessions crazy far in advance. Booking for spring/summer 2017 will open up in January. Booking for fall/winter 2017 will open up in July.
  2. I need y’all to sign up if you want to be notified  by email when booking opens. Otherwise, you’ll just have to stay tuned to my facebook page and my blog for the announcement. To sign up, fill out the form at the bottom of this post, or you can access the form from my facebook page.
  3. I will only be shooting a certain number of days per week and sessions per day. Once those slots are full, they’re full! I’ve gotta make a definite cut off for my sanity and your well-being. 🙂

I’m so excited for this. It will mean more time with my family, more attention for each of my lovely clients, and less stressing out during the crazy/busy fall for me. Which, let’s be honest, equates to more pumpkin-y things. Ha! I might even get a hobby. But let’s not get too crazy here. 🙂


2016…that’s a wrap!

ANNOUNCEMENT :: Just wanted to remind everyone that 2016 is {beyond} full! I wish I could photograph every single one of you but alas, I am just one lady. Hopefully we can get you in next year!
PS :: Booking for 2017 isn’t open yet {other than what’s on the calendar already}. Stay tuned for more info about how to schedule your 2017 session.

Fall is Full! {And a Video}

Hello! Just a quick little note here to let you all know that my fall calendar is officially full and bursting at the seams. Thanks to all you wonderful photo-loving people who made my 2016 full before August is even over!

This includes my Fall Minis (also known as Christmas Minis). I sent out the sign-up info to those on my email list first and they filled up so quickly, I didn’t even get a chance to make sign-up public. So let this serve as a reminder to shoot me an email/message/contact form to get on the email list if you’d like to be in-the-know!

For future reference, I suggest you contact me no later than July next year if you’d like to schedule a fall session. It always fills up so fast, and I guess all I can do about it is put the word out so y’all can plan ahead.

Spring tends to also fill up a ways in advance, so if you are wanting to schedule something for spring, let’s get it on the calendar!

And lastly to make this post a little more fun…we started school a couple of weeks ago which in the Dreher household this year means Daddy is back at work after having the summer off, and Sutton is a big Kindergartner! This summer while they had lots of time to do fun things, Daddy and Sutton made this amazing mini-movie. Ren also makes an appearance and I have a tiny little voice-over. Enjoy. 🙂

I Got in Front of the Camera… {A Video}

My husband Adam and I have been working on a little project, and it is finally ready! Over the past couple of months, he went out with me on some of my photo shoots to video some behind-the-scenes footage in order to make a video about my business, my philosophy, my photography. A big thank you to Jen & Ruse + kiddos, Laura & Adam + kiddos, Kristina, and Reed & Kathryn…as well as my lovely boys for allowing us to video during your sessions. We appreciate it and hopefully it’s fun for y’all to see your lovely faces in this.

Additionally, as you might be able to tell, my Adam is kinda talented at this whole video thing. He has started a little video company that we have named Adler Grey Videography (our boys’ middle names). He has decided to focus on real estate and business promotional videos, be sure to click here to check out his website and some of his awesome work!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Styled Wedding Session

Towards the beginning of the year, I had an idea to do a photo shoot that was completely for myself. I photograph other people nearly every day (which I love!), so I felt inspired to do a shoot that was for me: my ideas, my taste, my preferences. The idea of shooting to please no other person seemed wonderful. The shoot ended up transforming beyond what I originally planned into a styled wedding session complete with a bride, groom, and bridesmaid. A lot (I mean a LOT) of things went wrong along the way. There was stress and hot glue gun burns and sickness (I had no voice the day we were shooting!). There was laughing and dress shopping and dinners to discuss details.  I found the most wonderful location about 2 days before, got permission from the owner, and everything was set! I got to work with some amazing people and I’m so proud of what we created. Without further ado, please enjoy this romantic styled wedding session…among the Bradford Pears.

Wichita Wedding Photographer 01 Wichita Wedding Photographer 02

Models: Kathryn & Reed Parker, Kristina Sims

Gowns: I Do Bridal & Tux

Invitations: Tessa Konen at Royal Script

Calligraphy: Mischia Kirkpatrick at Six Cent Stamp

Hair & Makeup: Cari Palesano

Florals: Gina Dreher & Montana Lane

Mommy & Me Minis {Registration Open}


:::I apologize for the messed up spacing in this post. I have tried in vain to fix it.:::

Our kids grow and change so fast. Whether it’s been months or YEARS since you’ve been photographed with your little ones, let’s capture the love and bond you share now…in this exact time, at this exact age. There’s something so unique about a momma’s bond with her babies (even if those babies are 18 years old!); I want to document that for you to remember always! You can even use this as a chance to get some photos with you and YOUR mom. I’m sure she would love that. 🙂
I am completely full for photo sessions through May, so this is your chance to get in before summer hits. Check out the details above, then read the info below.
Times will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis. Available time slots are as follows (those in red are filled):

*SATURDAY April 16, 2016


*SUNDAY April 17, 2016

To register, follow these instructions:

1) Email me this info at gina@ginadreherphotography.com:


-Your top 3 preferred times in order of preference

-How many people will be in the photos?

-Preferred method of payment

2) Wait for an email from me with payment instructions. Half of your payment is required to reserve your spot. With tax, that deposit totals $45.69.

3) Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email from me with your time and date.

I am EXTRA excited for these Minis because they will be taking place at my new house! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we recently moved to the country, northwest of Wichita, and we have some beautiful acreage that I am just itching to shoot at.

Let me know if you have any questions!

We Moved! {…and here’s how it affects you…}

We Moved Blog

We moved on the 1st day of March, and how fitting it was to start a fresh new month in a fresh new home! There is SO much I want to tell you about this amazing place where we now live, but I will keep it simple: we moved to the country near a tiny town you’ve never heard of that is just northwest of Wichita. We have a house that I’ve fallen in love with and countryside all around. We are so happy here!

There are a few changes with my photography that will be taking place now that I’m a little further out. I want to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone, so here are the deets:

*Part of the purpose of moving out here was to simplify. Simplify our life and simplify how we spend our time. With that in mind, I will only be available for sessions a day or two each week. I will shoot multiple sessions on some of the days, so we may end up scheduling you at an earlier time than normal to accommodate for this. Right now, the days I shoot are different each week, but once things are settled I will nail down specific days and let you know!

*Next, our new policy is that there will be mileage charges to anywhere east of downtown Wichita, as well as south, and of course to neighboring (and non-neighboring) towns. These mileage charges will be up to my discretion. If you’d like to avoid mileage charges, there are lots of beautiful locations out west and downtown that will work perfectly for your session. If you’d like to avoid mileage charges AND save even more money, read on…

*We will be introducing a brand new type of session: the Homestead Sessions! As I mentioned, it’s beautiful out here, and since we have a few acres all to ourselves, I cannot wait to discover everything this place has to offer with my camera. The Homestead Sessions will be a win-win for everyone: it’s super convenient for me if you come to my house for your shoot (point for Gina), it’s a beautiful place to be at and be photographed at (point for you), and you will save money off your shoot by coming here (another point for you)! The Homestead Session will be similar to our Mini session, with a few extra bonuses: a 20-minute shoot, 10 digital images (with options to purchase more), for just $130. That’s MORE digital images for LESS money. Awesomeness.

*Lastly, I want you all to see this place right now! But…it’s not ready yet. My amazing father-in-law Ed is building me a studio and an office. The walls are being framed out as we speak (eeek!!). Once everything is complete, we are having a party. No really, we’re having a party! Here! And I want you all to come. More details will follow, but hopefully everything will be ready for a fun bash out in the country in early summer.

That’s a lot of info! If you were able to wade through it all, you are awesome. Bombard me with your questions!

Loyal Clients {Discounts, Freebies, + Extra Lovin}


Earlier this year, I alluded to some fun new changes that will be happening in 2016. Without going all into the nitty gritty about my personal inspiration that has happened in the last couple of months, suffice it to say that I’m ready for FRESH. And NEW. And HAPPY.

Without further ado, on to the first new change: Loyal Clients!

I am so grateful for my people who come back year after year (and some more than once a year!) for photos. I love you as friends and I love watching your families grow. So as a further incentive to keep me around, I’m implementing some loyal client perks. Here are the details:


             You qualify as a loyal client if you have had at least 1 session per year with me for the past 3 consecutive years.


             1 :: You will receive 15% off sessions or bundles booked.

            2 :: No mileage charges! With my move out to the country, there will be new mileage charges implemented to east Wichita or east side suburbs (and beyond). If you’re a Loyal Client, you won’t have to pay any mileage unless it’s beyond Wichita or surrounding suburbs – subject to my discretion.

            3 :: GOODIES! Who doesn’t love goodies and freebies? A couple of you have already experienced this, but I will randomly send free canvases to my Loyal Clients. If you’re on the list, be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox for some fun mail!

 *Fine Print:

             1 :: Themed Minis (such as Mommy & Me or Christmas) do not count, but regular Minis do.

             2 :: Discount does NOT apply to themed Minis booked by Loyal Clients. Themed Minis are the only sessions that will not be subject to the 15% discount.

             3 :: Discount begins ON 3rd year/session (however it works out). In other words, if you had a session in 2014 and 2015, then your 2016 session will be 15% off!

             4 :: You will lose loyal client status if you go a whole year without a session. But you can always start over!

I will be sending out an email to those of you who are eligible today. If you do not receive my email by tomorrow, but think you fit the bill, shoot me a note! I can be forgetful! 🙂