the McKinneys | Family

We finished out baby sister’s one year of sessions out at the homestead with a morning session just after sunrise. It was a little chilly that morning back in March so after family photos, we finished up in the studio. Big sister was hamming it up, she’s just the best. So fun to see their different personalities develop, and it was a fun year watching little sis grow!

Walker Brothers | Kids

The last time I photographed this family, there were less brothers, and the ones who were there were a lot shorter! So fun to see them again and to take a few senior photos for the biggest brother, out here at the homestead. So crazy, we used the wheat field next to my house and as you can see in these first photos, it was just beginning to grow. They just finished harvest in July, which makes me realize just how behind on blogging I am! Enjoy these crazy brothers!

Evie | One Year Old

Isn’t this the cutest family!? Even though I mentioned this in her 6 month post, I just can’t get over Evie’s transformation from tiny 5-pound newborn to this awesome little chunk. Her cheeks are my favorite thing. Evie didn’t have any smiles for me during her session, but you gotta check out the studio portion of our session to see some of the faces she gave me. It has been such a fun year, and we are extra thankful for Evie’s health after a recent scare she gave her momma and daddy. Evie is one special little sweetie!

Lyla | Six Months Old

Do you see this cute little nugget! Gah, she’s just the best! I was absolutely obsessed with her newborn photos that we did, and then she was so incredibly smiley at her six month session back in December so I’m just a melty pool of goo over this little lady. It was even a nice enough day that we were able to sneak outside for some family photos here at the homestead before getting to the studio ones of Lyla alone. I’m sure her first birthday session will be so much fun too!

the Flamings | Family

One of my favorites!! These people are just the BEST. Kind, generous, funny, and just plain fun to be around. Everyone please to look how amazing Danielle’s hat is! If only I could pull that off like she did! It kinda stole the show…don’t tell the others haha. We had a gorgeous sunset that evening, and the funniest part of the night was the kids reaction when I told Britt to kiss Cole. As you can imagine, they were totally grossed out but she still did it! Love! 🙂

the Londons | Family

I had done a Baby Bundle with this sweet family for little sister’s first year, and then Amanda booked a homestead session with me for fall family photos…I think this session is my favorite of all that we’ve done together! The light was to die for, big sister had her awesome personality out in full force. Little sister wasn’t too excited about being put down so she didn’t get many photos alone, but I still absolutely LOVE how these turned out! Enjoy!

the Simmons | Family + Twins

You might remember my twin newborn session with Peyton and Coleman…if not, click here to see it! Back in November, it was time for their 6-month session. We started outside with just a few quick family photos in the cold. Then it was into the studio for some brother + individual photos. Much to momma’s surprise, the twins decided to switch roles from their norm…Peyton was all about smiling for his photos, while Coleman chose that opportunity to become high-maintenance. We got a ton of cute shots of Peyton, but Cole would just cry when we put him down. If you read the newborn post, they were the opposite of this at that session! Who knows…maybe at their 1 year session, they will switch back or MAYBE they will both love meeeeeeeeeee! We will try for that one. 🙂

Alex + Tom | Belly

These two beautiful people added to their family at the end of December, making it an even 4 kids! They totally don’t look like the parents of 4 kids, do they? But before we did newborn photos, we were able to capture Alex’s belly, and we had a gorgeous afternoon/evening with pretty light! We started out in a nearby small town and then finished up out here at my place. Congrats to the family of 6!

the Gutschenritters | Family

One of my favorite little families!! This was my third or fourth time photographing this family, and they are always so much fun. Mom tried very hard to be proactive in not having all fake smiles from the kids, so they came up with a bunch of scenarios from the movie Home Alone, and she broke them out whenever we really needed to get the kids laughing. It worked like a charm! Such a great idea. I love how these turned out.