Celia | Senior

As you may know, I don’t photograph seniors anymore. However we had originally scheduled a family session for Celia and the rest of her family…but then they couldn’t make it so we focused our time on Celia! It was so fun getting to know her and her mom, and we had some great temps for it being the middle of February! Her dog was so funny, he kept shaking…I think I made him a bit nervous, but it was so fun to include him in Celia’s senior photos!

Blake | Senior

I don’t normally photograph seniors, but I had taken Blake’s brother’s senior photos several years ago and promised his mom I would do Blake’s as well! It was a fun change of pace, and we were able to get several outfits and locations in, and even got to take some with his beloved car! It was the perfect time of year with all the changing leaves. Fun to do something different!

Lauren + Kingston + Layla | Senior and Kids

We had a lot to accomplish during this session, and we did it! Big sister Lauren is about to start her senior year, and she needed some senior photos. I don’t typically do senior photos, but I’ve been photographing this awesome family for years and years, so it just wouldn’t have felt right for anyone else to do it! And Kingston has an August birthday, so he needed some birthday photos too. Little sister Layla was along for the ride and to get a few photos of her own. Lauren absolutely killed it during her photos, and while we had a bit of a battle-of-the-fake-smiles with the other two, we prevailed and I love how these turned out! Never a dull moment with this family! Love them!

Parker | Senior

I don’t do a whole lot of seniors anymore, but I was beyond excited for this session! Parker is my nephew and he drove in from Ohio with his mom and sister at the beginning of this month to hang out with us all for a week and to get his senior photos taken. Parker’s mom and my husband are brother and sister…I started dating Adam when I was 16 and Parker was not even 1. We have some really cute photos of Adam and I with Parker and his sister Emily back in those good old days. I’ll post a few at the end because we had to recreate them, of course! But first, here is my handsome nephew!

So here is Adam as an 18-year-old with a 1-year-old Parker on the left. And Adam as a 33-year-old with a 16-year-old Parker on the right!

And then 16-year-old me with baby Emily on the left, and 32-year-old me with 15-year-old Emily on the right. So fun!

For a little extra enjoyment, here are some sister pictures that Adam’s two sisters (Jessica and Chrystal) and I did during Parker’s session. We like to think we’re funny.

Hannah | Senior

Hannah is my little cousin who is supposed to always stay 11 years old and never grow up and be a senior! Hannah is creative and unique…she loves reading and cats and playing the clarinet in her high school’s marching band. I only have 3 first cousins in the whole entire world, and Hannah is the second to have me do her senior photos. Before we know it, it will be her little sister’s turn for senior photos (but let’s not talk about that for the sanity of my aunt! 🙂 ). Hannah and the rest of the crew (minus biggest sister Rachel who lives out of state) came out to the homestead for Hannah’s session, and I got to do her hair before we set out to get some beautiful photos of her!

wichita-senior-photographer-01 wichita-senior-photographer-02

Jennifer {Senior}

I met Jennifer and her mom at her high school a few towns away. Jennifer is an athlete in several sports and so we had to get some photos where she makes the magic happen. 🙂 We hopped in the car and drove to Wichita for the rest of her session. I am such a fan of how these turned out! Jennifer is gorgeous and I could’ve spent an entire day photographing her. She put up with some crazy humidity effortlessly. And props to her mom Darla for being our prop-carrier…it was an intense job but we got so many great photos, it was all worth it!

Wichita Senior Photographer 01 Wichita Senior Photographer 02

Jessica {Senior}

Jessica is such a sweet lady and I am so glad she chose me to take her senior photos! Despite some wind, we ended up having a great evening for her session. She brought a whole crew of family along and it was neat to get to meet them all! We ran all over the place and made excellent time to get to several different locations and outfits for her. The light that evening was amazing, as was Jessica! Here are some of my favorites.

Wichita Senior Photographer 01 Wichita Senior Photographer 02

Nic {Senior}

Nic is a pilot. And next year, he’ll be going off to college to pursue his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot. I asked Nic how long he’s been interested in flying and he said ever since he was 3 or 4, after the first time he saw Top Gun, he was hooked! 🙂 We had a beautiful 70-degree day with gorgeous blue skies and the beautiful Stearman plane. I had so much fun taking Nic’s photos with something he loves so much. Enjoy these highlights!

Wichita Senior Photographer 01 Wichita Senior Photographer 02

Brett {Senior}

When Brett was in 5th grade, he was in my husband Adam’s class. I actually took his photo waaaaaay back then for a gift for Mother’s Day. He has changed quite a bit since then, and is now an awesome guitar player. Brett likes all things vintage and old, so we were able to find a few old rusty trucks to pose next to. I do have to say though…I had a realization during Brett’s session that made me feel very old. I started doing photography when I was 19. So…you know, I was basically the same age as the seniors I photographed. Brett is the exact same number of years younger than me, as he is years older than my son Sutton. Which means from here on out, the seniors I photograph will be closer in age to my kid than to me. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Okay, please enjoy these while I go indulge on some chocolate chip ice cream…

Wichita Senior Photographer 01 Wichita Senior Photographer 02