Rachael & Westin {Baby Belly}

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but one of my favorite parts of my job is getting to experience big life events with my repeat clients, and kind of getting to be a part of their story through the years. I photographed Rachael and Westin’s wedding last year in the heat of the summer, and now we were able to experience the opposite weather conditions during their maternity session last week. We even went to the same park we took photos at on their wedding day. These two are always so fun to work with and just feel like old friends. Rachael and I compared our pregnancy symptoms since I’m just a few weeks behind her, and Westin was probably sick of all the baby talk. Get used to it, my friend! 🙂 This is your life. Haha. It was great to catch up with you two…can’t wait for baby boy’s newborn session in January!

Wichita Maternity Photographer 01 Wichita Maternity Photographer 02

Michael & Sara {Belly}

My big brother Michael and his wife Sara are having a baby around Thanksgiving, and they were here from Utah a couple of weekends ago so we took the opportunity for some maternity photos. I’m so excited that our babies will be just 3 months apart in age, but bummed that they live so far away! Hopefully jobs and time will allow them to move back to Colorado sometime soon, which is at least driving distance from here. Right now, my son Sutton is the only kiddo on our side of the family, so we will go from one to three grandkids for my parents very quickly! Michael and Sara aren’t finding out if this babe is a boy or a girl until he or she makes an appearance. So lots of anticipation with this little one! Love you THREE dearly, I’m so glad I got to take these for you!

Wichita Maternity Photographer 01 Wichita Maternity Photographer 02

Meggan & Adam {Belly}

Meggan was super gracious to accommodate me when I had to move her session around due to my changing travel plans. Thanks Meggan! That should’ve been my clue about just how sweet these two would be. We had a great time last week taking photos of this special time in their lives. They’re having a boy in early July, and I know that they will be such great parents. Poor Adam…as my husband is also named Adam, I may have pulled out my stern, you’re-in-trouble voice when I said his name at one point without realizing how I sounded! But it was all good and we laughed about it. Check out this beautiful couple.

Wichita Maternity Photographer 01 Wichita Maternity Photographer 02

Valerie {Belly}

Val is one of my close friends, and I can’t even tell you how excited I am about her baby girl. She’s due next month and is sure to be a beauty with a mama as pretty as Val. She was battling a cold during our session, so we ended up doing most of the session in the studio. You’d never be able to tell she wasn’t feeling well! Way to pull it together, Val. 🙂 Unfortunately her hubby Luis was also sick and couldn’t make it to our shoot. Baby Izzy has been prayed for for so long and I can’t believe she’s almost here. I will surely have lots of photos of this little girl to post here, so stay tuned! It’s crazy to look back to 6 years ago when Val and I first met…we were so young and both newly married; babies were the furthest things from our mind. Now look at us, all having kids and stuff. I love experiencing friendships that evolve with our changing lives, and cannot wait to see Val in her new role as a mom. Here are some of my favorites from our session!

Wichita Maternity Photographer 01

Wichita Maternity Photographer 02

Jen & Ruse {Belly}

Jen and I go way back. Like, middle school. Which was just a few years ago. 🙂 And we don’t see each other nearly as often as we should! I feel completely blessed that I was able to be present for some of the big events in their life including their wedding and now their pregnancy. I can’t even begin to describe to you how excited I was when Jen called me this spring to schedule BELLY photos. Their journey is nothing short of a miracle and I was so excited to be able to be a part of it. Little boy knows his daddy…we started out shooting in my studio and as soon as Ruse got in on the photos, the baby started kicking. I even got to feel it; it’s crazy how quickly you forget that feeling! We had such a great evening hanging out and catching up, and I love how these turned out. This is gonna be one CUTE baby with such good-looking parents!

Tiffany + TJ {Belly}

I’ve known Tiffany and TJ for awhile now since they work at our church. It was pretty exciting to hear that they were expecting a little girl this September, and also neat that they asked me to do their maternity photos. Tiffany rocked her maxi dress and was a super cute preggo despite being a bit uncomfortable in this crazy Kansas heat. Enjoy these faves of TJ, Tiffany, and the belly!

Tara + Chad {Baby on the way!}

Tara and Chad are the kind of people who I need to be friends outside of just being their photographer. They’re awesome. Almost two years ago, I photographed their beautiful wedding (while I was about 8 months pregnant!) and they were the sweetest to each other back then. Their love has definitely grown even stronger in the years since their wedding, and now they’re expecting a little boy of their own next month. I’m so happy for them and their new addition, I can’t wait to meet their sure-to-be gorgeous little man and to hopefully take lots of photos of him!

Ivy & Luke {Expecting}

Ivy and Luke are a really neat couple that I had the privilege of photographing last week. I just couldn’t believe how cute and small Ivy’s belly was for being 32 weeks. I was massive by that point. 🙂 We started out at my studio and got some great intimate photos of Ivy and her belly…we even put Luke in a few. I guess he’s pretty important too. We headed downtown to finish up our session, and it was coooooold. We all had numb limbs by the end of the shoot. Who cares though, we got some awesome photos. Here are my faves.