Calloway | 6 Months Old

Once again, I’m so behind…this little guy turned ONE last month, but these photos are from his 6 month session in March! I try to blog every session because I think of it as a sort of journal or record of all the sessions I’ve done. I love looking back! I also always love my time with this bunch of boys. Calloway has such fun big brothers who are sometimes tough to wrangle, but always willing to give their little bro some love!

Walt | 3 Months Old

Three months is a notoriously hard age to photograph babies…they’re not the sleepy, squishy newborns anymore, but they’re not yet sitting up. However, sweet little Walt made it so fun! He and his family came to visit me back in January, and I totally love the sibling shots we got. He also flashed us his super handsome smile quite a few times. The funniest part was trying to fit him into that little baby bed in the black and white photo, he was totally not into it ha!

Kingston & Layla {Kids}

Kingston came out to the homestead for his 6-year-old photos. His little sister Layla came along to get in on the fun as well. We walked/ran all around the place and got some fun photos that I think really show off this dude’s personality. He even showed me where he lost his first tooth! My 6-year-old Sutton came out at the end to play on the swingset with Kingston for a little bit. Hard to believe these boys will be starting Kindergarten so soon!

Wichita Childrens Photographer 01 Wichita Childrens Photographer 02

Landry {One Year Old}

There was a baby boom around GDP about a year ago, and all those babies are turning ONE now. Landry was one of these special cuties, and I hadn’t seen her since her newborn session a year ago. We got to start at her home with some photos in the house that this beautiful family is moving out of in just a few days. We took photos in their living room and Landry’s nursery, as well as in their front yard so they could remember this first house where they became a family of 3! Then it was off to Daddy’s work – the golf course – for some fun photos on the greens and fairways (as well as some racing around in golf carts), topped off with some birthday cake at the end. Happy Birthday Landry! You are one awesome little lady!

Wichita Family Photographer 01 Wichita Family Photographer 02

Sutton & Ren {Brothers}

These are my beautiful babies! When we filmed that video from a couple posts back, I took some photos of them. And Sutton turned 6 on Friday, so we’re counting these as his 6-year-old photos. I love these silly boys so much, and my favorite part of these photos is how Ren keeps looking at Sutton to see what silly face he’s making. He always has to do what his big brother does. Enjoy a few photos of my loves at our homestead!

Wichita Childrens Photographer 01 Wichita Childrens Photographer 02

The Loss Family

Baby Solandra is almost 1! In honor of her impending first birthday, we had a fun little photo shoot at our homestead that involved a Totoro costume and CAKE. Sessions with cake are always the best. I had a little trouble getting Sol to smile for the ones with her parents, so luckily my little guy Sutton arrived home just in time to dance and make silly faces behind me. When it came time for cake, Sol wasn’t too interested until she discovered that she could use the “1” prop as a fork. Then she was happy. Haha! Love this sweet little family, and my birthday buddy Sol!

Wichita Family Photographer 01 Wichita Family Photographer 02

The Watersons {Family}

This family has got to win some kind of award for cuteness. I mean…really. The combo of the cuteness, big sister’s cheesy grin, little sister’s chubby cheeks, and the gorgeous evening light we had made it all so dreamy! The location we used was actually our backup plan but it was ridiculously pretty. I went to high school with Laura, and it was fun to get to know her family a little better. My husband came along on this session for some top secret purposes and since Laura’s husband is also an Adam, we were all getting confused. 🙂 Thanks for letting me capture these sweet memories for you, Laura!

Wichita Family Photographer 01 Wichita Family Photographer 02

The Garrisons {Family}

I love the Garrison family because not only do they have so much fun and energy, but they have to drive over an hour and a half to come see me for photos. Thanks, guys!! I’m so grateful to be the one to capture your sweet family. We met up at a park, and it proved to be a wise decision, as little Camden wanted nothing to do with photos, and everything to do with the playground. After we forced him to sit still (or nearly still…) for a few, we let him loose at the playground. I think we were able to really capture this little dude at 3-years-old. And so much fun to catch up with his momma. Enjoy some highlights!

Wichita Family Photographer 1 Wichita Family Photographer 2

Amos {1 Year Old}

This is my adorable nephew Amos. Amos is actually 13 months old, but we can still call these his one-year photos, right? 🙂 He and his parents drove down here this weekend to surprise my father-in-law for his birthday. We have had lots of family time and were also able to take some photos!  They are all staying out here with us, so we snuck out yesterday morning into the woods to escape the wind for these. Amos was all about exploring, eating sticks, and smiling at his dad. We even found a turtle along the way, though my boys were more interested in that than Amos was. Check out this CUTE kid.

Wichita Childrens Photographer 01 Wichita Childrens Photographer 02

The Browns {Family at the Purple Trees}

I love photographing the Brown family so much, that I asked them if they would be up for modeling for a special project for me a few weeks ago. Even though this was a 5-photo-session year for them (their little gal obviously needed to be well-documented during her first year), they graciously agreed to even more photos! For my project, I got to pick the location and it was a no-brainer; this beautiful grove of purple trees only blooms for a short time each year, so I had to take advantage. I will share more about my project soon, but for now, drool over these lovely photos of the Browns at the purple trees with me!

Wichita Family Photographer 01 Wichita Family Photographer 02