Taya, Paige, + Morgan | Tea Party

Back in March, I got to attend the sweetest little tea party with 3 of the cutest cousins ever. How fun would it be to have a little girl the same age as your sister’s daughters?! And how great is this tea party idea? Their Grandma arranged it all, and the fun little details were so darn adorable. Add in that little kitten and it was like a movie. At the end, we went and played outside for a bit, and the very last photo is one of my faaaaavorites!

Ren is Four!

My baby boy turned four years old in February. It’s crazy how time tricks your mind…on the one hand, I can’t believe my baby is already four, and on the other hand, I can barely remember our life without him and his ridiculousness. I also interrupted my regularly scheduled blog posts and skipped ahead to his because…I don’t really know why, I just wanted to post these today. 🙂

When we first got to our picture-taking spot, these two found a hill to run down, so we just went with it.

I had promised them park play time if they cooperated for photos, and I kept my camera out luckily!

Love these boys more than they will ever know!

Sutton | 7 Years Old

My biggest little guy turned SEVEN years old a couple of weeks ago. In the past year, we have lost all four of the front teeth + regrown them. And…we’ve conquered kindergarten! This was a big year for my awesome boy, and he loved every minute of it. I’m so proud of him and feel so lucky that I get to be his momma. We took a few photos the day before his birthday to remember what Sutton at 7 looks like!

The Palesanos | Family

This family is one of my favorites! I’ve gotten to watch their kiddos grow up and take their photos a few times each year. We are always on the market for new locations since we do so many photos together, and this go-around, we found a colorful spot downtown. I love how these turned out, and they’re definitely different from our past naturey photos! Thanks for letting me capture these precious years for you, Palesanos!

Ren | 3 Years Old

If you couldn’t tell from the little blog break, I took the last two weeks off(ish) for some catch-up time before the spring craziness hits! But something exciting happened during that break…my baby boy turned 3 over the weekend! I took some photos of Ren and added Sutton into a few as well. The boys both did amazingly well for this shoot, and I didn’t get stressed out at all like I usually do when shooting my own children! It definitely helps that I am able to just use our land as my location. These two little men have my heart and I couldn’t love them more! Happy birthday Ren!

Will + Sam | Kids

I get to hang out with these crazy awesome boys twice each year. We do birthday photos for Will and Sam at the beginning of the year, and then also for their little bro Henry in the summer. It’s always fun to see what their mom brings along for props…the props always reflect what the boys are into at the time. This year it was Harry Potter, Pokemon, soccer, golf, and Nintendo. It’s always high energy and always chaos, but so much fun photographing these boys. Enjoy!

Talan, Nathan, + Brock | Brothers

I photographed these super cute kiddos a year ago when Baby Brock first arrived. A year later they’re even cuter than the first time! We struggled a bit with keeping middle brother Nathan’s interest, but we somehow managed to get some sweet photos of all of them. Biggest brother Talan is amazing and so good with his little brothers. This family is beyond adorable and I’m so glad I got to capture them right around Brock’s 1st birthday!

wichita-childrens-photographer-01 wichita-childrens-photographer-02

Giana, Nora, & Colette {Sisters}

It’s so much fun to photograph this gorgeous bunch. I did their mom and dad’s wedding several years ago, and then with each daughter’s birth, the yearly photo sessions have become more and more fun. The girls did so well this go-around, and we got the sweetest photos of them both together and separate. Each of them is so unique, but none lack personality…that’s for sure. Here are some of my favorites of these lovely sisters!

Wichita Childrens Photographer 01 Wichita Childrens Photographer 02